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Hate Pakistani Musicians




Suniya James Pakistani

I live in New Jersy USAwith my two children. I come from a religious background yet into heavy Rock n rock.
I divorced my husband while he was in jail for selling drugs.When he was with me …we used to do drugs together.
Now to the point.What is all this hula bula about Pk musicians and bands…..sorry but I have to say that Ali Zafar does not sing .My Hubby , so what was a peddler , even yawned better than Zafar’s croons .And who is this Atif Aslam?I will never waste a trip of drugs listening to him.My husband’s cat could sing better than him.Rahat Fateh Ali ,what do they call him ..BAKRI ? ya , what is he upto?He cannot sing to safe his life.He should save his own first.My hubby was never a musician.But he could do it better than all these guys.I do not miss him ….oh, I need to pray now then go to a party ,listen to Speltura ….amphetamine shots. peace!!!!


  • Exposed Truth

    Nothing new… a rhetoric from every indian posing as a Pakistani on blogs. For your information  Hardcore Rock bands in South Asia came from Pakistan, Jupiters, Junoon, Ep, Noori and also other under ground scene which if named would fill up the exceeding limit word limit. So suniya james stop being a Pakistani wannabe (indian) , rhetoric waffler, dullard (as portrayed frm your article) And start acting like one. And a word of advice try marrying your own Desi / Indian or wateva brown colored breed instead of going for goras (mrs JAMES)…Kapeesh!!!!!

  • Adeelhuzx

    common who ever you are, it is up to you if you don’t like them, but don’t insult them at least. Because I think you also feel very bad if someone insults you ;) so be careful