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By Farisa Afzal

While watching the PTI’s exploding jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan on television I happened to asked my sister-in-law (Who was getting really impressed by the crowd and supporters of Imran khan) I said. Will you vote for Imran Khan in the next general elections,she looked at me and replied “Depends” I asked depends on what? she said it does not matter who I vote for, from karachi only one party wins and I do not want to waste my vote by voting for some one else i’ll vote for that “Specific Winning Party” the women that I am talking about here is Masters in International Relations, not only her the people that I met most of my my friends and reminding you the so called educated cream of Pakistan thinks that it does not matter who we vote for the seats are being booked before voting and flaws in our election system is so bad that we should not bother to vote for some one else
Hello people wake up!!!!!!!! I dont know this kind of philosophies where did they came from!! but its time to CHANGE.. Time to CHANGE this system.. the same elected people who some how inherit the right to become a President or Prime minister because they come from a specific political family.. and that Change can only happen at that time when we will change this kind of concepts regarding voting.. I too believed at a certain point of time that voting is useless BUT we can do our job honestly voting is our RIGHT no matter how bad the process of elections are here in Pakistan.. by voting honestly we can at least satisfy oursleves that we tried on the other hand by not voting and just doing drawing room talks that how corrupt our politicans are..inflation..bad condition of law and order and so on blaming..blaming..blaming (which is our favourite national time pass) nothing will be in our hand like today
The purpose of writing this blog is to make people realise that think before who vote and the most important thing..Correct your reasons of Voting!

  • SAADAN j

    Ya , so what is wrong with celebrating what should be celebrated and is being celebrated for ages. The ban on the concerts is already lifted. Excuse me for saying this , but even concerts are not for the kids of Peela schools in Pk .Pop music culture too like Valentine is an Elitist thing in Pakistan . The difference of classes and extremes is what makes up this world . Novo rich or pseudo tycoons. Poor or the poorest! .That has always been there and as a part and parcel of life where we accept many wrongs as rights the Valentine day is also something we should chug with a pinch of salt .Like it or leave it !Take care ! 

  • Johnathan scribe

    Hi and hello .i was just looking at Matiras picture on http://www.aag.tv and saw this blog .Maxwell Dias ? The writer ? i have been watching him play all my life .i am 26 now . But my folks tell me that even they saw him play when they were young .He is a brilliant player .i am big fan . Never knew he was such a good writer too . i would like to know more about his close and extended family that is also into music.
    keep me posted .I love this blog .Bye 

  • Zahra Farhin Khan

    Dear Farisa .Get the latest if you are a supporter or a non supporter of PTI and Imran khan .Recently PTI web pages were hacked . To which some guy wrote and very rightfully too ” if PTI could not save its web pages from hacking how is going to save this nation from hijacking ?” Lolssssssssssssss Take care Farisa 

  • Qazi Mehran Sindhi

    Right Zahra…also farisa have noted now….and think about the abovementioned matter….