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Smartphones update


By HB TechGuru 

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and whilst it is usually the high-end variety that gets the most column inches from people like me, it’s the entry level stuff that is falling into the hands of more and more customers. Market research firm Deloitte is estimating that 2012 will see the number of smartphones costing less than $100 rise to 500 million. Along with that prediction they say that the number of apps available to users, across all platforms, will top 2 million. It’s also interesting to note their forecast that globally there will be 200 million handsets packing NFC support too. Getting back to the apps though Deloitte points out that of that huge number a fairly small proportion cost money to download and that only 20% of downloaded apps sell more than 1,000 copies. It might be a gold mine for some developers, but not the majority it would seem.

  • Rahat

    But Why the term smart .Always thought it had more to do with flesh and blood and not cell tech 

  • Zarkha Khan

    Yes i agree – Smart could be a word to praise physicality or sharpness of the human mind .

  • Rashid Feroz

    What a useless argument it is this btw?.According to a PTA survey conducted recently the mobile users in Pakistan exceed 11 crore .It is a big hit for this nation and specially in a country where economy is nose diving and more than half of it  is is still deprived of basic amenities of life and all we hear is that the smart access to technology is moving ahead !