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The Valentine Dilemma



 By SamiaBR

How can it be a great Valentine? We just came about the news of hundreds of people dying due to expired medicines in public hospitals. However, the whole nation is howling over the ban on music concerts inPunjabcolleges. Nonetheless, this ban another setback for the youth. Where there’s a dearth of recreational activities and resorts in our country, musical gigs have always been looked forward to by any youngster as an escape from the realm of the bitter truth.

Yet, as 14th Feb comes close our television screens will be bombarded with love songs, special offers and packages etc. Television hosts will portray their best act of spreading love in all their shows and merrily greet the whole nation Happy Valentines Day. Shops and markets will be flooded with specially wrapped chocolates and thematic cakes, vibrant decor and innumerable gift packs.

Seeping rapidly into our society is the Valentine bud with all its positive goodness and negative starkness. Eons ago this event was unheard of on this side of the planet .Today with the novo rich and the ones on the other side of the infamous bridge, the celebrations peak starting from the night of the 13th Feb everywhere in the Cosmo Karachi.  The most common sight is English speaking little kids selling flowers near markets and traffic lights whereas on the other hand, there are extravagant parties where music, booze, dances and gigs reign.

Whatsoever may be the situation of the country or there may be miseries of a common man, Valentines Day seems to be a complete event of joy, happiness and love. How?