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Pemra can’t SHUT the Camera

By Jo Cheeta Woh Hai Sikander So we all know what the drift is all about? The state owned sweetheart PEMRA is pulling its socks up to have another go at the electronic media.The initial announcement was denied by the Miss’information minister Firdous Ashiq Awan or in words of PM Gillani”it was not in her Knowledge”But what’s evident and public knowledge […]

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Hola to the Leap Year Babies!

By SamiaBR Below is a selection of a few people who get to celebrate their birthdays once in four years. That seems pretty good to me. Anyways, enjoy the collection I have for you and do tell me if there’s anyone you know who grows only a year older in four years Ciou! [portfolio_slideshow]  

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Funny Leaks From Aag Tv – Part 01

Each week, users share more than 2 billion pieces of Youtube content on Facebook. Mr. Asif Ishaq (HR Manager) broke a glass today. Poor glass. An appraisal is expected by the employees of AAG till the end of year 3012. Very early.    Eating Samosa’s is forbidden on AAG floor whereas biscuits are allowed. (Management)    Viz Artist of Red […]

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The Lawn Madness

By Aisha Waris SPOTTED: Some tired husbands looking helplessly around while women are running here, there and everywhere, with their eyes popped out, tongues sticked out, oohing and aahing over what? LAWN?! Oh gosh! Yep, that’s true. As soon as the temperature dropped (or maybe not), billboards went up. Lawn exhibitions everywhere. Countless trips to that famous *point* at do-talwar […]

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A ‘Wilde’ Moment for Pakistan

By Ali Tim Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy wins the Oscar Award for her movie ‘Saving Face‘ making millions of Pakistanis proud . A local radio station was giving out the following details for this huge triumph; “ Sharmeen will be wearing clothes by Bunto Kazmi, designs by Sana Safinaz and jewelry by Kiran Aman at the ceremony’. This is quite funny […]

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Maya Khan answers her critics??

By Humayun Peer Maya answers the critics??? Bilal Lakhani is on twitter saying that Maya Khan will be coming on Kamran Shahid’s show Monday night on Express news. Rumour has it that she is going to join Express and this is going to be her ‘big apology’ to win back fans and critics with rhona dhona and insincere words of […]

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Evil is relative

By Jamal A question came into my mind and I need to answer it. Where do all these villains come from? Voldemort, Darth Vader, Shafqat Cheema, Hitler, Stalin, Nixon, how do they become the persons they are?  Is it entirely their own fault? Wrong choices as we are often led to believe.  Or, does the fault lies with the society […]

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BOL Pakistan!

By Ali Tim The freedom to express or the nihility of voicing your opinion .The debate is never ending ! It is also a personal prerogative as to why one should be expressive  and what medium is used as a tool to convey the inert feelings .This world has nothing but arbitrary lines. The galaxy is hung in circular lines […]

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Ali Safina Video Blog []

With love to all my fans ……… have a great day!

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With love to Kurt ….

By AT That is where the Grunge began & ended ! Live fast – die young ,the dictum of Rock and Rollers was applied by Kurt ,a prominent figure of alternative movement and posthumously of club 27 . His Teen spirit that influenced generations left his body with some Love Courtney (Better half /worse half) embittered escapade .A bullet ,acid […]

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