MOVIES — February 27, 2012 at 12:13 pm

A ‘Wilde’ Moment for Pakistan


By Ali Tim

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy wins the Oscar Award for her movie ‘Saving Face‘ making millions of Pakistanis proud . A local radio station was giving out the following details for this huge triumph;

Sharmeen will be wearing clothes by Bunto Kazmi, designs by Sana Safinaz and jewelry by Kiran Aman at the ceremony’.

This is quite funny to know that the RJ totally missed out the whole point of the “first Pakistani woman film maker making it big in the Oscar’s world”. Lawn will be lawn and pieces of stones your gems for ever my  dear RJ. However here from the pedestal of the youth,  Aag Tv and Geo Tv network, I would like to congratulate Sharmeen on touching a sensitive topic, making a film out of it and winning an Oscar for that. Way to go  Ms Chinoy and hail to you!

  • Elixir Works

    Yo to Shirmeen .and thumbs down to the media RJ who does not even know what Sharmeen has achieved 

  • Ghurya

    love the tagline “A Wilde moment for Pakistan” .Yes it is !

  • Sana Khan

    Sharmeen Chinoy is the real pride of PAKISTAN. We are very proud of her for truly she is Pakistani and she is making us all proud . Thank you Sharmeen !

  • Seher kadia

    Sharmeen obaid ki film yahan pe kab lagay gi ? Yahan Gujranwall mein bahut kam achi films lagti hain . plzzz mujh ko bata dain ka film kab lagay gi ?

  • Hadia

    aray theek baat hai Sehar ,yahan lahore mein konsi achi films lagti hain .hum sab ko shirmeen ki films dekhni hain – kab lagay gi ye wal aur is ka naam jya hai ?, 

  • Rahat

    konsa fm station hai? 

  • OmarAwan

    at least she’s better than all those women in pakistan who have gone insane trying to gain popularity through inane ways…. this shows pakistans image .. we are very proud of her

  • Raheela Zaheer

    Yes for sure and indeed .It is a Wilde moment for all Pakistanis but winning an award for the silver screen  or making mockery of her vesture at the ceremony by the RJ is not the point in my humble opinion.It is about the plight of the women in the rural and some urban areas as well. The movie is a slap in the face of callous and inhuman male dominance over the weaklings or the gentler sex if you like to call those innocnet Eves . Not only women but also men in some parts of Pk, India ,Srilanka and many other SAARC associates are victims of  such Acid attacks . The law and human mind fails to comprehend as to why this brutality has no rigid laws about it.What is the legal method to prevent this for recurrence ?The question here is also  if Sharmeen’s effort will also bring some change or pass just as another 35 mm blogbuster. Shallow clappers are everywhere. I feel i will give my real applause when i see this world , hopefully in my life , change into a better place .  

  • Javeria Mano Ahmed

    woWWww cooool

  • Lynette Dias Gouveia

    This is such fantastic news for all Pakistanis.  Was so looking forward to her winning and now she’s got it!!  Congratulations Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy!! 
    And in her own words  ‎’To all the women in Pakistan working for your dreams, this is for you.’  
    Who is this stupid RJ??

  • Bushra Javaid

    Bushra Javaid Congrats to Miss Chinoy for Oscar. Just thinking had she made a documentary/movie on Afia Siddiqui in US custody, would that have won the Oscar too??

  • Zain khan

    Zain Khan nyc

  • Zara Nadeem

    Zara Nadeem nice……………

  • Farhan Adeel

     yes very best moment… of luck to all those which are doing something like that