GENERAL — February 23, 2012 at 3:57 pm

BOL Pakistan!


By Ali Tim

The freedom to express or the nihility of voicing your opinion .The debate is never ending ! It is also a personal prerogative as to why one should be expressive  and what medium is used as a tool to convey the inert feelings .This world has nothing but arbitrary lines. The galaxy is hung in circular lines with millions of constellations in their own motion. They are serving some function ,often colliding turning into debris one sees as the shooting stars  Likewise human brains with infinite neurons immersed in an elixir of cerebrospinal fluid has many feasts of seeing and sighting. Learning and leaving. Best is to ‘STAY and even better would be to ‘SAY. Think aloud –speak aloud !
Speak your heart –speak your mind- BOL PK

  • Anonymous

    Test comments….

  • Salman

    pakistan zindabad.

  • kammi

    i love pakistan

  • Faisal Raees

    Hi- what trippy blog.I like the metaphors .Excellent message to the youth of Pakistan

  • Haina

    Asa – kya likha hai ye ,meinu tau kuch bhi samjah nahi painda hai .kuch achi baat urdu mein likho  perho aur perhao ,ziada baat na karo .haina