POLITICS — February 29, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Pemra can’t SHUT the Camera


By Jo Cheeta Woh Hai Sikander

So we all know what the drift is all about? The state owned sweetheart PEMRA is pulling its socks up to have another go at the electronic media.The initial announcement was denied by the Miss’information minister Firdous Ashiq Awan or in words of PM Gillani”it was not in her Knowledge”But what’s evident and public knowledge now  is the fact that media trial is about to begin.From a writer’s point of view this is not democracy .This is dictation and media has been dictated in the past too by Zia Ul Haq ,Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf.It is simple to understand why the current government wants to impose strict laws equvivalent  to almost banning the media just before the commencement of the elections due in october 2012.It is simply to hide corruption and prevent itself from being exposed to 19 crore people. Cheeta knows  and the Govt knows too that Media speaks the truth- and to hide the truth the best this Government can do is to “Nib the truth in the bud” Cheeta’s slogan is  ”PEMRA can’t SHUT the Camera .Spread the word!

  • Saleem Araein

    Cheeta worry na karo -PEMRA kuch nahi kerta tumharay camera ko 

  • Sahil

    Peace here.is PEMRA not an offshoot of the media or is it an enterprise calling the shots on its own.I always thought PAMRA is a part of Emedia .Now there is a war betwwen the regulators and the demons it has created itself.i am confused .please tell me more about the issue 

  • Hamid Kareem

    Dear Sahil PEMRA is not the mother of media. i am sad to learn this that media is being harassed again .The blogger is right .Media has gone through many dictators in the past also .But at this point in time when the major revelations of corruption are being pin pointed by the media it would be unjust to impose a ban on the only medium present in Pakistan that brings to fore the real facts .Pemra can never shut the camera .bye from Hamid 

  • Shamil

    Asa -I am from KU and i study in IR – i will keep my comment short . Media is the back bone in correct portrayal of any country to rest of the world. Unfortunately Pakistani media has been pushed to the limit by the dictators. Journalist do their duty of writing stories about whatever they see in the surroundings. Bad is bad – good is good – CALLING A SPADE A SPADE IS NO SIN. 
    PEMRA or no other can shut the Camera .i have joined you all here . 

  • Sanaullah154


  • Observer

    Most of the words contained in
    the draft regulations are already part of the PEMRA laws and terms &
    condition for licensees of different channels. So Cheeta I’m telling you
    that they already exist there for you. What you need to know
    about PEMRA is its inability to enforce already existing laws. And the draft regulations are coming in one or
    two months since they are passing through the proper channel. They can be
    delayed but no stopped for obvious reasons. What you need is to focus your
    camera on certain things for better results like: try to get comments from the general
    public and other stakeholders on definitions of words like decency, national
    interest, etc or facts like coverage of statements of banned organizations,
    coverage of gory scenes, conduct of talk shows by anchorpersons, etc. The draft
    regulations contain certain clauses that are aimed at using them in hours of need against certain channels
    and anchorpersons only. But the need of hour is the fact we have
    to make PEMRA an independent Authority that doesn’t come under any ministry so
    that to rely on its credibility. Under present status any move of PEMRA to make regulations is
    doomed to criticism and lack of respect. And it’s something that can be said fair from the stakeholders’ part.

    All the best,  

  • Observer

    Cheeta! no comment in 2 days. why don’t you think about increasing awareness among the people to express themselves in words and speech on such important issues and matters? give some time from the TV channels of the geo group for guidance of the people in order to approach your such sites and give you feedback.

  • Cheeta

    Hi Observer – Cheeta gives  no comments in 3 days  but that does not change the Cheeta from being a Cheeta .Blog is an independent post and would not need the crutches of Channels  to propagate it. The point has already been  been made . For your information Goodness will sooner or later be discovered.It does not have to be screamed about from the rooftops . PEMRA has a crude policy of dealing the media with senseless extremes  ,In Cheeta’s opinion PEMRA  amidst the electronic media is just like a Bull in a china shop .Expecting no futher damages and dents on liberation of the media this Cheeta here will stick to the point of having a non political governing body for monitoring the electronic media – Not PEMRA for hell’s sake Observer !