FASHION — February 28, 2012 at 12:12 pm

The Lawn Madness


By Aisha Waris

SPOTTED: Some tired husbands looking helplessly around while women are running here, there and everywhere, with their eyes popped out, tongues sticked out, oohing and aahing over what? LAWN?! Oh gosh!

Yep, that’s true. As soon as the temperature dropped (or maybe not), billboards went up. Lawn exhibitions everywhere. Countless trips to that famous *point* at do-talwar and sea view.

It was believed that lawn was the material which everybody could afford. Now it seems more like the material for the elites. Some buy it, just because it’s *oh so designer-ish*, some buy it just to wear it once and then pass it on to their maids as hand-me -downs which is loathed by most women. Some wait for the copies or as we civilized people call it *a replica*. In other words it’s just a copy. Accept it ladies!

Then there was a concept of two piece and three piece. Now it seems more like several pieces suit. Beautifully wrapped, handed out in glossy bags. When one do the honors of opening it up, with a huge grin, the real examination begins then. You have to figure out how to get these strips of cloth stitched. How? How? How? One who uses creativity is looked at with respect, while others…..BRING ON THE MAGAZINE!

Moreover, models who have accepted defeat in the cruel world of modeling bring out their own lawns or even shoes for that purpose. A new way of using name and of course earning money. After all it’s all about Money, money and money!

While the craze continues, some lawn walas get the parosi film stars and our extremely obsessed awaam with neighbors goes wilder and HEY, GUESS WHAT??? Another trip to heaven and pockets and purses going lighter. As Sophie Kinsella (author of confessions of a shopaholic) puts it, people have magic cards too. One swipe and all that ..err …lawn belongs to you.
Ok, so women are done with their lawn shopping, now comes the most dangerous part. The matter of life and death. Visit to the most important person in every woman’s life. A tailor. Now it all depends on him whether he’ll stitch it nicely and just too amazing and also give it on time because I so don’t want my BFF wearing it first. To make matters worse, she has the same print and the same tailor! If you lose, girls will turn their heads in your direction and exclaim, “oh so isn’t this the same one “s” was wearing that day?”

Ooh did we see someone’s smile falter??

So, my own sister is crazy about these lawns. She lives in Dubai and of course one has to show it to their friends from Pakistan that they have got the latest stuff. And competition begins there too. During her last visit which was last week, she bought a number of lawns. Even after that she was disappointed, as the next day another exhibition was going to kick off and she was leaving. Oh dear!

P.S: Don’t you think this lawn madness works as a lawn mower on men and the rest of the sanity?

  • Ghurfran

    Good one Aisha Waris – Soon there will be ,after this lawn madness, Lawn kids , lawn divorces ,Lawn mayhem ,Lawn world wars – lawn love or the lust of it will lead to World War 111 . Wait and watch .

  • Saira Faisal

    Hi and Asa to all . In agreement with Aisha here- the lawn madness has taken a toll on our monthly and yearly budgets .We may skip a meal and start to cut down on our daily menu budget of the edibles but our bag has to be full of money to buy the new lawn prints .Ya , such is the magick of these wearables ! There was always lawn in the market but now its arrival is celebrated more then weddings and valimas .
    Lawn has mowed it all – it has trimmed the wallet thickness .

  • Kaali Janta

    screeeeeeeeeeeh .Not mowed at all. Aisha you go !

  • Saleem Kifayat

    Salam and welcome . i am new to blog buster but i like the concept .Lawn madness is a good blog .I will come back in to comment more often .thank you and good bye 

  • Dil Jali

    Sanity with men is a term unheard of ,if i may be allowed to chip in my two bits. Men deserve to be mowed all over  and shoved in the haystack drum after usage. I am divorced and i am not bitter about that . i also like this blog but its last line ”
    P.S: Don’t you think this lawn madness works as a lawn mower on men and the rest of the sanity?” made me get in and write this. Lawn or no lawn ,who cares ? It is life or no life here. What matters more ? Now you tell me ? :( (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • Eye-Scha Waris

    thanks everyone for liking it,,,,as for criticism…i like it…as criticism is the first step towards success…and it means i have touched a nerve :D

  • Eye-Scha Waris

    thank you guys for liking it…and a big thanks to those who criticised it :D criticism is the first step towards success…

  • ZuLfiKar Sha

    To all the women who are out there, please comment on my behalf about all the bling-bling lawn stuff coz I also agree with what Aisha got in here.
    To all us men, keep getting our wallets lighter. Its worth it I tell you ;) .
    Apart from it, Aisha very well done. Im proud of you.

  • Madiha Omer


  • Engr Dara

    wah wah wah wah Kia likha hai 

  • Rafay Amin


  • Zeeshan Bana


    Thumbs up :)