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A Hospital In A Dismal State!

By SamiaBR Persistent fever raging as high as 103 degrees, severe cough, confused state of mind, blurred vision and with several other symptoms, they landed in the most prestigious and renowned hospital almost ten days ago. A young lad unfortunately fell sick and while he was on his road to recovery, when he mistakenly took a double dose of the medicines […]

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Rage & Ruin

By Ali Tim The violence and blood shed continues in Karachi.Last three days seemed like life at the Gazza strip in the densely populated areas of the city.Playing the proverbial game of Counter Strike the political parties and their hooligan workers shot and fired at everything that came their way.More than 30 killed and 50 vehicles  were set on fire.Today […]

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Flowers Live & let Leave

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Ga Ga*ing @26

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Karachi Shuts down again!

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Meera Makes it- Meera Shakes it !

By Butcher …and the award goes to….. Thunderous applause,whistles and some foul smelling gases in the air.Heads of some drooling 60 plus nodding in affirmation .Some sulky 50 plus women shaking in disbelief .Finally Asif Ali Zardari hands over the Pride Of Performance to Meera Gi. Her list of accomplishments to bag this honour is intimate …oops ..sorry Infinite. Her […]

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Loreal for Real

by Ali Tim The revolutionary diva of style,image and hair couture Nabila aces it one more time at the Loreal launch event in Karachi on 18th March Sunday 2012. The 20 minute show was an amalgamation of her classy makeover expertise, scintillating music  and an impeccable ambience. Emu& his band comprising of Emu( keys), Ustad Nafees( sitar&vocals), Shallum (Guitar), Emad […]

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Parda hai parda…….!

By Sana Khan I always used to think that the Pakistani and Indian movies are never based on facts, where one hero beats up a group of Villains and comes out safely, but to my surprise I was wrong. Just a few days back I saw a huge lady who barged in a polling station and all of a sudden […]

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A converasation with Lt. Moin Akhtar from heavens above!

By Ali Haider Courtesy: Jang Newspaper []

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I am a Pakistani & I am Confused

By Sonya Anjum Saba   Starting from the very beginning, Pakistan’s formation is still a confusion for many… Some blame education system, some blame politicians etc, but no one wants to take the responsibility. Is history of our formation such a stone age fact that no one wants to dig out research and study??? Pakistan was made on the basis […]

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