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A Hospital In A Dismal State!


By SamiaBR

Persistent fever raging as high as 103 degrees, severe cough, confused state of mind, blurred vision and with several other symptoms, they landed in the most prestigious and renowned hospital almost ten days ago.

A young lad unfortunately fell sick and while he was on his road to recovery, when he mistakenly took a double dose of the medicines that were supposed to cure his viral illness. As a result, with prevalent symptoms that didnt go away, his family took him to the hospital  in “Emergency”, considering it to be one of the best hospitals in Karachi. It was a Sunday afternoon and no senior doctor or consultant was on duty. There were “no beds” to admit “patients” in the “ER” and hence, this family along with dozens others were asked to “wait”. This is when I start thinking if the meaning of the term “Emergency” evolved in the dictionary with changing times. After a wait of “sixteen hours”, this family found a bed, that too in the private wing [emergency patients are generally admitted in the hospital "wards"]with no consultancy from any doctor present in the hospital or any tests by the RMO’s there. From 2PM that Sunday afternoon to 4AM in the morning, this family waited for any medical help from the hospital staff for their patient whose suffering had only increased. At dawn break, nurses who are trained to inflict pain to the patient walked in and inserted a “Cannula” in his hand. Following which, no drips, no medication, nothing at all was given to the patient. So what exactly was the point to inject a Cannula? Hospital policy is the answer to that. The patients family kept insisting the staff to take certain basic tests and at least identify the cause of the illness he was suffering with but according to “hospital policy”, the staff couldn’t do so until n unless a consultant doctor didn’t write it down to them. From here began another eternal wait to meet the consultant who was supposed to visit by noon. So from one afternoon to the other, in one of the best hospital facilities, this family had only been waiting for any help with the deteriorating patients health. Needless to say, the doctor arrived 3 hours late than his time. After some lame physical checkups, he happily claimed that “The patient is perfectly alright and you can take him home!” …. They all stood in surprise. Were they here on a picnik because they either had no home [but enough money to pay the hefty hospital bills] or because their lives were too monotonous so they needed a change? Meh.

After pleading the “very senior consultant doctor”, he wrote down a few tests which were scheduled later in the evening. The patient had already been diagnosed with Typhoid before landing into the hospital but the tests result had a possibility of being incorrect [hence the admission in this extremely elite hospital]. Knowing this, the doctor did not prescribe any further tests to confirm the previous results and give medication accordingly. However, as the day passed the patients condition worsened and extreme worriment took its toll on the family. They were receiving no help from the hospital staff and shifting the patient into another hospital was not possible. After nailing their resources, making phone calls to all possible people the family members knew, a few doctors were arranged to look into the matter. The Head of Neurology in that hospital despised the family’s pleas to treat the patient saying “they were worrying too much”. Two other consultants followed the same opinion. However, on the family’s persistent cry, blah blah tests were done.

2 nights and 3 days. Torture upon a family. Brutality on a patient. No healthcare. Uncooperative staff. Careless doctors …… I would regard it as total malpractice. The patient was then taken to a local small-time hospital where a relatively better doctor was scheduled to meet him. The patients illness had increased to such an extent that it became lethal not only for himself but also the people around him. It became nearly impossible to take control and hence, he was admitted there and by the grace of God within one week after admission, he was discharged as a healthy person.

Had it been treated and diagnosed earlier or during the stay in the infamous hospital, the situation wouldn’t have worsened to such an extent. Proper diagnosis and proper treatment at a proper time is the need of the hour in any hospitals’ “EMERGENCY”. One just doesn’t make patients “wait” and consultant doctors just dont say “there’s nothing wrong” to a severely ill patient.

  • Sulema Khan

    All hospitals in this God forsaken country are in a dismal state. There are no exceptions to that no more – Only i thought that some were slightly better than others but to my dismay they are all the same.Each one of them worse than other . Best of luck to the writer

  • Ghayal Aankh

    Allah Bless us all