LEAKS — March 6, 2012 at 3:20 pm

Funny Leaks From Aag Tv – Part 02



Listen to songs of freedom by the only All ph.D band in PK here www.aag.tv/laal

Legendary Musicians of Karachi LMK 1940-to Date clips are now on videos.aag.tv. Watch and feel like a legend !

 Bob Dylan is the most sought after and revolutionary song writer in the world.

Punjaagi Loot Sale – New Punjaagis online right now .Only and exclusively on www.aag.tv

Sattar Bhai (camera guru) at Aag Tv is in a Tv surfing mode. He watches too much of it TV and less of Biwi ,it seems!

Admin is a word resonating on the floor most of the time.Admin rights to Face Book ,it is not for sure

 Ramzan Hyder ( Graphic designer) is in the full swing of colors ,groove and  work these days.Groovy lil Ramzi boy is liked by Leaks.


Farhanullah ( something of the Red Team) is wearing the same clothes for 3 days now .Weekend included!

:D :D :D

  • Danish

    Leaks lolssssss

  • Hania Sheikh

    Punjaagi loot sale   bahut achay lagtay hain hum ko  kahan pay hain news punjaagies  pls pls aag tv pe dekein aap loog 

  • Faria Iqbal

    Salam o alakum mein yeh kehna cjhahti hoon ka aag tv tu naujawanu ka channel hai lakin iss pe tu umer sharif show chalta hai iss ko dubara say naujawanu ka channel banan dain aur hum ko vj fuse bhi wapis say chahey hai 

  • Umeed Tariq

    Ello Umeed from Yorkshire .Tell Farhanullah to be hygienic . He can be smelt right here to UK . Very bad Faranulaah and good job Aag Leaks.