GENERAL — March 15, 2012 at 12:33 pm

I am a Pakistani & I am Confused


By Sonya Anjum Saba


Starting from the very beginning, Pakistan’s formation is still a confusion for many… Some blame education system, some blame politicians etc, but no one wants to take the responsibility. Is history of our formation such a stone age fact that no one wants to dig out research and study???

Pakistan was made on the basis of “TWO NATION THEORY” now for some people they have their personal idea of it. But what Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wanted to teach the Muslims of Sub-Continent was that; Islam never stops you from learning new things, getting parallel with the world in terms of education, development, growth, but not at the cost of your traditions, norms, culture and faith. What he observed in Muslim Community of that time was adapting many of the Hindu traditions which Islam denies. They adapted dowry (Jahaiz), practice of cast systems, they still practice gendercide (killing daughters) which is one of the major issues even in 2012, hating the concept of free will or consent of their children in marriage because according to Hindu traditions only arrange marriage was considered the most superior and most dignified format… But Islam stresses even on the daughter’s will in marriage. Islam only wants you to seek piety, humility, honesty, and modesty in your spouse.

Keeping such elements from getting mixed up in Muslim community, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan came up with the idea of a separate state. Where our trade, business, education etc can be exchanged with every other country in the world, but that physical and geographical distance will help people maintain a decent practice of a simple and non-materialistic state. Even Non-Muslims of that time supported their Muslims fellows in formation of Pakistan, simply because they wanted a place where society has a welfare system, life is easy even for the poor and no hi/low casts can affect anyone. They didn’t have degrees like Pakistanis of today, but they had so much of the insight which is very rare now. Degrees can not earn you enlightened mind, you have to develop it on your own. People of that time knew what was the need of the hour and they put their trust completely in ”Jinnah” for helping them reach their goals.

Instead majority today loves cross questioning, spreading hate speech, maligning on personal character of others. People earned money and degrees over the passage of time, but lost sensibility, rationality, tolerance and insight in return. In the name of “Freedom of Speech” and “Liberalization” people never mind hurting the religious sentiments. The ones who believe Pakistan was made to be secular tend to bypass the foundation of this country “Two Nation Theory”… Why they are dying to convert or direct it to a secular society… where a single man can be superior than the entire community or a state or even law??? Just because he wants to practice “Freedom of Speech” where no respect or sacredness for religious beliefs, or places remain??? To me they are no different than Talibaan they are very much the same. Talibaan and such hate spreading individuals are the two extreme ends of the same rope. Where none of them represents true picture of Islam, Patriotism and Humanity.

Islam is a religion that teaches moderation… Islam has always taught to maintain balance between two extremes in every walk of life. Actual Islam is tolerance and patience, but when it comes to self defense and protection its Jihaad. Its not killing the innocent. If uneducated people have given it a wrong direction then what are so called degree holders, elites and confused liberals doing??? Blaming “Islam” for human actions. A crime is committed by a single fanatic and the first remark that comes from so-called liberals is an attack on teachings and preaching of Islam/ Quran…. This is also an extremism in its own way.If west is what they idealize then they must learn good things from west too… if a crime has been made by a POPE assaulting a 10year old in a church premises… they take it as a human crime… not as something related to their religious tradition or as something taught in the Bible. Same applies to crimes committed by people who were born in Muslim families but never cared enough to learn their religion. The same kind of frustration and materialistic war has popped back in Pakistan, which has affected an entire generation.

Our media was hijacked from the very moment when Indian content started going on air via dish, cable… I don’t mean we should ban everything… but we were supposed to put a limit on things that actually corrupt the roots of our society. People were already weak in their basics of culture, religion and traditions, they followed gilts and glamor of media so blindly that these past 15/20 years have left the current generation nothing but confused. We need to wake up… We are a nation suffering from ignorance… and this time its worse than the ignorance that people had before Islam.As a very ordinary Pakistani these are the things I see around myself every other day… and they leave me with a lot of concern for the future.



  • Fatima

    Sonya it is great blog but i have to say that our roots are in our culture and our culture is the culture of primitive indian traditions . We still as muslims do practise what we have inherited from India before the partition .What makes you a less proud Pakistani is your own confusion .You should have caught up and become a Pakistani when this country was born .You lagged you lost .

    • Sonya_the_best

      Thankyou for your feedback Fatima… What I really wanted to share was my idea!!

      Things that have been happening around for years doesn’t mean they are all right… Its high for us to wake and take the responsibility of changing our own selves… in order to call for a change in society/ country!!!

  • Amna Javed

    Very nice message Sonya, I agree with the points you have made. There are so many things you have said in just one article and they all need our thought and attention.

  • Amna Javed

     Oh great Soni, m really proud of you. Usually people like commercial stuff, but I hope they do read and respond to your article, Good Luck :)

  • Fahad Abbas

     Wel done .its gr8 work

  • Susan Marie

    i am so proud of you behin. MashaAllah! did the others deny over a px?

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Thanks Susi… :)

  • Sarrah K

    That is awesome sonya, way to go girl :)

  • Susan Marie

    wow thats interesting. im glad its published am trying to share but am on cell its different you do what is comfortable for you, thats all that matters

  • Sonya Anjum Saba

    Finally My Article got published without my Picture going public… :)

    A Serious Message needed a serious platform and Thanks to Aag Tv for this help…!!!

    Also wana Thank friend who encouraged me Nayab Fareed, Amna Javed, Ikram Rahim, Fahad Ahmed, Rabail Qadeer, Ai’Sha Khan and all…!!

  • khawaja fahad

    finally u did it sis,,, very happy for this

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Thankyou Bhai :)

  • Sara

    gr8 article Sonya, I think someone needs to take a step ahead and speak for those who are against hate speech spread by some individuals claiming to be liberals or even some platforms where people are racist when they comment. I hope many people read this. Good luck!

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Thankyou Sara :)

  • Rabail

    I am happy that your article is published. And it shows that at least we have blogs like aag in Pakistan who are not biased like express tribune etc. They always publish stuff that does no represent the true picture of Pakistani people. You article has very strong reaction to why our youth is confused. And the ones who claim to be liberals are actually conservative in real. I will look forward to see your posts in future too.

  • Rabia Iftikhar Malik

    ap ne article tu bohat acha likha lekin muje bas itna add kerna ha that in our country people follow movies more than they follow their culture and religion. I agree with you that we don’t need to ban all channels but we have to take care of what programs are effecting our public wrongly

  • Ai’sha Khan

    Aww my dear Sonya i am so happy to see your article finally being published. And Good to see response on your post. I think your article is pretty sober. When we blog on pages like Express Tribune etc I hate to see how people argue over stupid things. When they blog on International platforms they usually abuse other people, simply because they don’t have proper replies. And its all because of the confusion in our roots and our ideology about our country. You article is an eye opener for many, and I hope people read and pick something thought provoking from it, Inshallah

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Thankyou Aisha :)

  • A. Wajid

    Just finished reading your article. While I was reading it, I kept looking for something to disagree. But I must say whatever you wrote is pretty obvious. Somewhere in your article you said that when liberals cross lines they behave like Tabliaans as if they are two extreme ends of the same rope, i absolutely agree with you on that. Welldone Miss Saba.

  • Mehtab Kaliar

    What are you trying to say?????? I simply don’t understand what is wrong in being secular. Being secular does not mean that one person bully’s around and no one stops him. I think if someone wants to drink, dance, party you are no one to cage his freedom in the name of islam etc. Its a free country and we are free people. Your article is something that drags Pakistan back to dark ages. World is getting global and liberal. If you will live in your cave you will never be able to shake hands with the world. I strongly condemn and disagree with your article. Its insane.

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Thankyou for your feedback Metab Kaliar,
      Your have a right to have an opinion… But this is not our culture!!!
      Freedom for us is not any thing that can spoil our traditions or introduce identity crisis in our society. Freedom doesn’t revolve around drinking, dating or dancing. Don”t you think having an education, a fair share in property, faithful relationship, fair means to earn etc is also FREEDOM…???
      Why your freedom is always closed in a pub/club?

  • Fraz Khan

    Some people believe that two nation theory was a myth. And Pakistan can never be Islamic, even the Islamists are pretenders. Everybody’s fake.

  • Ali

    I agree, being liberal doesn’t mean you say rude stuff to the other kind :p

  • Ahmed

    A very well written article, I found it interesting and meaningful. Good Luck!

  • Fahad Ahmed

    A very well composed article ma’am. You have discussed issues we all talk about in our get together or drawing rooms, but hardly few care to share it with the crowd. In all this hustle n’ bustle around, everyone wants to sneak out of Pakistan, because even the ones who want to work for change are forced to change ways, rather changing the set rule of system here. Whether liberals or talibaan even the moderates, we all are lacking in humanity. We are irrational and abrupt. Good article, I hope it reaches max number of crowd.

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Thankyou fahad :)

  • Rizwan

    Your article is nice, but I think the people you are trying to call liberals are not even “liberals” they are more conservative than they think they are. When they don’t find reasoning they prefer getting loud and abusive. Its a mental problem, with kids coming from most of the burger families, lolz

  • Samina

    Sonya blaming any religion for human crimes is wrong, I agree with you. But we can not deny how Mullah’s and so called god fathers of Islam have spoiled the image. They present the wrong picture of religion, culture and even formation of Pakistan.

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Samina… thankyou for your feedback… But I think even if some people try to confuse young minds with respect to religion and identity… then isn’t it our responsibility to reach masses and share the true picture with facts and figures…??

  • Hijaab Tariq

    Couldn’t agree more Sonya Anjum Saba :)

  • Palwasha

    A lot of points in one article, and I seem to agree with most of them. Cheers

  • Love Pakistan

    Just finished reading your article. While I was reading it, I kept looking for something to disagree. But I must say whatever you wrote is pretty obvious. Somewhere in your article you said that when liberals cross lines they behave like Tabliaans as if they are two extreme ends of the same rope, i absolutely agree with you on that. Welldone Miss Saba.

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Thankyou Pakistan :)

  • Sofia k

    i don’t know what it is about, but happy for you matey ;)

  • Timz Kimz

     thats kewl

  • Perceptual Realism

    A very well written article, I have read it earlier, when you posted on your notes, and I found it interesting and meaningful. Good Luck!

  • Fahad Ahmed

     Thats great sonyaa jee, congrats ;)

  • Lonnie Jackson

    That is wonderful Sonya, good luck for your future writings.

  • Hijab Tariq

    wow, great sonya :

  • Yasir Ahmed

    good going Sonya, very well written article it was worth being published.

  • Myrna Burgos

    Good job, my support is with you.

  • Ikram Rahim

     So finally you published it. Nice job done and keep writing more..

  • Rabail Qadeer

    wow mashallah, thats great yar, congrats :)

  • Nayyab Fareed

    Congratulationsss! :D

  • Wafa Tariq

    Well expressed Sonya, I think you should write more about the multiple issues you have mentioned in your article. There is alot to be discussed.

  • Sumaira

    When I see people talking and writing too much about Pakistan and Islam, I feel sick. Why Pakistan can’t be a free state? Why do we need to stay under the rule of religion all the time. People here don’t understand a bit about religion. Pakistan should be secular and free.

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      You have a right to share an opinion…!!!
      Thats all I can say :)

  • A Wanderer in a Crowd

    Over all a good article. People have already said alot, I just want to add its a good message.

  • Ayesha klair

    a very well written article.Good luckkk :)  

  • Haseeb Hassan

    Assalamo-o-Alaikum ….
    i agree with u totally and it was really a nice article …. u said ” This is also an extremism in its own way.If west is what they idealize then they must learn good things from west too…” i disagree to this …….. islam is a complete “zabta-e-hayat”… we need to learn it just …….. the west is progressing because they followed our religion golden words like that of honesty …….. now a days many of our liberals put blame on our mullah’s and sometimes they even cross their lines …… there is a need of discrimination …… all of our mullah’s are not like that ……. there are some cases in mullah’s too, i agree but putting a blame on all of them is not a justice …… if u study a really calibred aalim-e-deen u will notice that he is different from those mullah’s on which some guys put blame ……. and we owing to negligence abuse aalim-e-deen too …….. and nations who don,t respect their aalims suffer ……. it,s proven from history …… your article was very nice and congratulations to you on such article with out picture which is indeed a great success …..
    Haseeb Hassan