POLITICS — March 27, 2012 at 11:21 am

Karachi Shuts down again!


by Ali Tim

karachiRather sad.Yet another life taken and yet another Black day in Karachi on tue,27th 2012 bringing the hustle bustle of the city to a standstill.Strike is being observed all over Sindh after the brutal murder of a coalition party worker.The shutter down phenomenon has led the enraged  people to take to streets and go on a rampage.Over a dozen vehicles including police vans and public buses have been set ablaze and shops are forcefully closed. The violence has spread out to Hyderabad too  and most of the business hubs are closed due to shooting and firing by unidentified miscreants.*Tim is sad again for Karachi…..sigh

  • Danish

    ASsalaum oalakum – karachi mein jo bhi ho raha hai woh khud karachi walay he kartay hain – ye sab kcuh kisi aur shahar mein kyoun nahi hota? jo boaye ga wohi kataty ga na .

  • Haroon Shah


  • Rahid Sami

    Bhai sahebb Ali Tim- Life goes on in karachi -some days are worse than others but this is how it is .Rahid sami

  • Sadam Shah

     mqm responsible.salam to karachi waloo how they manage to live there,,,

  • Furqan

     Helow gys how r u ?? Plz khud ka bohat khayal rakhna Allah tala ham sab ko apney hifo Eman me rakhen Ameennnn….:)

  • Nimrah Ansari

     Jb tak MQM aur ANP hein khoon kharaba nai ruknay wala.

  • jack black

    is this the year 2012 or 1912, we celebrate or 60+ years of Pakistan by handing the reigns of power to established street thugs in the form of joint mandate holders, our nation knows all mandate holders are hand in glove and none will do anything but improve the volume of their personal coffers at the cost of lives and national loss to our disabled exchequer.WAKE up PAKISTAN wake up ooh nation of Jinnah Sb wake up and stand against injustice of 24/7×60+ years ….

  • Sallamaarit Lautala

     Not again! I feel like there should be words for this, but all I really feel is defeated. Forgive me for saying this, but  to hell with THE WORLD, NOW!! I wish I could also say “Take me to your leader!” …and make it all go away. >:/ Timmy, my thoughts are with you… ✿⊱╮

  • Salman Siddiqui

    ‎:( Allah kare k Karachi mai Aman ho jye.

  • Marium Hunaiz

    I m frm karachi and its a request to all educated ppl 2 plz get rid ov extremism,as long as mqm exists there is never going 2 b peace in karachi,they r biggest terrorists ov pakistan…

  • Zeeshan Khan

    so0o0o0o0o0 sad MAY ALLAH BLESS OUR beautifull karachi …

  • Furqan Muhammad

    Helow gys how r u ?? Plz khud ka bohat khayal rakhna Allah tala ham sab ko apney hifo Eman me rakhen Ameennnn….:)