FASHION — March 21, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Loreal for Real


by Ali Tim

loreal for real

The revolutionary diva of style,image and hair couture Nabila aces it one more time at the Loreal launch event in Karachi on 18th March Sunday 2012. The 20 minute show was an amalgamation of her classy makeover expertise, scintillating music  and an impeccable ambience. Emu& his band comprising of Emu( keys), Ustad Nafees( sitar&vocals), Shallum (Guitar), Emad (Saxophone) , Ali (Bass)  Jason(Drums) and the newest entrant to the planet pop Alycia literally brought the house down when stylized models began to strut their stuff on the ramp.
The show was a live experience with the band perched atop an arty ramp where models swirled and Alycia belted out classic in her own elusive vocal tone.
The show was witnessed by the cream de la cream of the fashion industry . The lights were right and the swing was tight ! Security guards and waiters standing in a corner were zapped looking at the angels from hell.They seemed devastated and found frowning at the bare,dare and Hair Gen X eves entrapped in  hair feathers .Twain for the tunes and two at a time ,sigh!Their looks and essentially locks-*extensions of their own individual personalities,may i add was mind altering .Sigh again!
The moments i witnessed were pure magic and  a breathless audience cried out for more .Right up to the crescendo the climax was built up magnificently and suddenly withdrawn leaving many with dropped*locked jaws spellbound.Add,lusting for more!But that was a halt.
Suffice to say , some let it loose . Nabila had it Go with her team of experts ,models and sound crafts that will ring in my memories until next time!



  • Rehan

    Hail to hair – Nabila is good.Awesome show 

  • Ithaad

    I am not such a fan of such shows.However if there is link to any website i would like to see its video before i comment. I have 20 years in the fashion biz.My comments are reserved . Itahaad!

  • Shamyl

    Heya dear fans of style and music. I agree with the blogger here.The show was personally witnessed by me and i must say that it was a spelling binding experience. I loved the models and Alycia the singing queen was the star of the event .I would like this show to happen in my city Islamabad too.Thank you Nabila Emu Alycia Fuzon 

  • Limz

    Ali Tim , Kudos! 

  • Lynette Dias Gouveia ~ ldg

    Good stuff Mr. AT! Nabila has been around for a while and needs no introduction and it’s good to see her still at the top. However the new entry Miss Alycia Dias is definitely turning heads and I’m not surprised.
    Unfortunately miles away and could’nt view the event. But from what I hear and see through the few clips floating around.. It all looks extremely well collaborated. Kudos to the organizers.

  • ~ldg

    Interesting Look!

  • tooba

    love the music and especially the singer! good job alicia

  • tooba

    nice pic

  • Farhad

    Asa- ye jo iss kisim kay fashion shows hotay hain ye qayamat ki nishaneeon mein se hai . In ko yahn pay bilkul khatum ker daina chahye hai . kyoun kay ab qayamat khareeb hai 

  • Saleem Shazeb

    Lols Farhad-You sudden outrage is ridiculous. Why are you even looking at this picture and reading this blog.That in itself is the biggest Qayamat ki nishaani.Rest man rest and do not be a fundo.

  • Ghoarak

     Aloha .The world is not enough for Ali Tim it seems. Did not know that he was also a blogger. Well written and his observation about the loreal show is funny. Very amusing -I do read a lot of fashion related stuff happening around the world but was yet to read a review like this one sitting in Yorkshire UK.Good morning Pakistan.

  • Zahira G

    Fahd saheb waisay agar aap ko itni ziada takleeh hoi hai aik fashion show se tu phir tu aap ko pooray mulk ka kitna afsoos ho ga . waqai main kya aap mulk ke leeaye bhi aisa soojtay hain jahan pay pehlay he qayamat achiki hai. Zara soochye? Zahira G

  • Qurat

    Fashion industry sucks.It is a mafai.

  • Raheema

    Hi and hello- i must confess thatmore than the models,music and all i am interested in Ali Tim ,the long haired guy from the Milestones. i grew up reading his articles and am glad to find him writing again. How can i get in touch with him ? Please get me his contact .i am a huge fan in North Carolina USA . 

  • Haroon

    Alycia is excellent.

  • Skepticguy

    ! was thEre ! s!mply l0vEd d sh0w.
    l0vEd d pErf0rmancE Of ALYCIA DIAS shE has a vEry gud v0!cE