GENERAL — March 26, 2012 at 12:54 pm

Meera Makes it- Meera Shakes it !


By Butcher

…and the award goes to….. Thunderous applause,whistles and some foul smelling gases in the air.Heads of some drooling 60 plus nodding in affirmation .Some sulky 50 plus women shaking in disbelief .Finally Asif Ali Zardari hands over the Pride Of Performance to Meera Gi. Her list of accomplishments to bag this honour is intimate …oops ..sorry Infinite. Her steamy climax scenes, histrionics,  massive 35mm X’factor, Mahesh Bhatt, Atiq Ur Rahman and general coxcombry are just to name a few. There could be more only if the Butcher is allowed to exercise the slicer from the gossip mills.Awards and awards for excellence are bestowed upon people who contribute to the society and country at large by excelling in their respective fields. What is Meera Gi exact domain for being conferred  upon this honour is quizzical?Some assets are better left untouched.Some mysteries should remain unfolded. Meera Makes it – Meera Shakes it .Meera Takes it. Award is DONE!

  • Faiqa45

    I love this blog and i hate meera 

  • Sami

    asa, bahut ghalati ki hai inhoon nay Meera jaisi ko award aday kay .Pakistan ka koi haal nahi hai . Jis ka jo dil chahata hai woh kerta hai .

  • Harron Shah

    aray pehla ye pic pe say kala pardah tu hutao. .

  • Rahim Khan

    Sorry but i hate Meera and she does not deserve any awards. She should be banned .Thank you Rahim khan 

  • Rao

    Khurram Rao · Caerdydd, Cardiff, United Kingdominstead of showing your english language skills here you guys should write some thing which is easy to understand, what I find in this column is just some  show off words which I bet you yourself doesn’t know either. think* WANNABEs

  • jack black

    The picture in question is quite old in which her luck was at the time abreast of the situation, now like every flower which fades from glory she is facing and feeling the same, if anyone has seen her in the recent past they will also vouch that the posterior meaning recent past has also expanded by volumes in a funny sagging way aka nose dive , i guess after giving her pride preforming acts for/in the upper band of Pakistan’s rulings for free and sometimes for plastic (credit cards) they have given her something in return {also for free}Phokut Publicity. i am quite sure the powers that be loved her doings on 35 mm and in uncertain confines bestowed her with many a wand of delight, keeping her weight and age in mind i have heard she has now greatly reduced her intake of calories content in which also the sanity of gray stuff survives . may peace prevail


    Kudos AT for this amazingly descriptive blog! ”
    Some mysteries should remain unfolded” : Hence cong-RATS Meers Jee (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)