POLITICS — March 16, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Parda hai parda…….!


By Sana Khan

I always used to think that the Pakistani and Indian movies are never based on facts, where one hero beats up a group of Villains and comes out safely, but to my surprise I was wrong. Just a few days back I saw a huge lady who barged in a polling station and all of a sudden gave the presiding officer a good beating, she pushed, punched and smooched the faces of two other women as well,all at a time….. wow she’s got guts!!! That was the moment when I was familiarized by the name of Waheeda Shah (even by the name you get an image of a huge lady). Anyhow cutting the whole story short, when the Supreme Court of Pakistan took suo moto action against The Waheeda Shah, Waheeda Shah decided to present herself in a veil (reminding me of the song, Pardey main rehney do, parda na uthao, parda jo uth geya tu bhaid khul jaey ga….), Anyhow the court decided that Waheed Shah is not eligible to participate in any kind of elections for two years and so I wore my thinking cap on, wondering what the poor soul would do for her living??? But keeping her amazing and mind blowing (LOL) talent in mind, I came up with some suggestions. In Pakistan I have hardly seen female wrestling, and I was just thinking if Waheeda Shah could represent Pakistan in the WWF (World Wrestling Federation‎)or may be Sumo wrestling, that would be great, after all she’s got those GUTS! ;) The next thing I had in mind was our local film industry…. Ufff I miss Bahar Begum, but not to worry we now have an excellent substitute, And I’m sure you will all agree, Waheeda has all that what it takes to be a Pakistani film actress! ;) Now since the world has come to know about her hidden talent, lets leave the choice to her, since she’s the one who has to decide, which profession would be more suitable and better for her, as from me I wish her the best of luck! :)

  • Lumia

    Waheeda Shah could well become something in NewYork from where WWW is televised .I am sure you got the hint ?

  • Zarak

    Hi and hello – Is there no end to women vandalizing other women in Pakistan? What a bad precedent has Waheeda Shah set before becoming a parlimentarian .She should become a humanitarian first . Disgusting. i am glad she has been cast aside from participating in politics for 2 years. Bye 

  • Danial Shah

    Hi Zarak , dude you are mistaken. Waheeda Shah will be something soon. She has already won the Slapping bout .Now she will be appointed as one thing or another in the government soon.This is how it is in Pakistan . Sorry but isn’t it true? 

  • Hafeez Ghouse

    Sana khan kya aap ne Waheeda ko wahan pe chantay maartay waqat khud say dekha tha .Aap nay un aurtoon ko phir bachaya kyoun nahi . Ghalat tu phir aap nay bhi kia na . Wahida shah ka akaila ka kya khusoor tha ..woh tu media ne aisa bana diya . verna politics mein chantay tu kya bahut say khatal bhi jaeiz hain .theek kaha na mein nay . Rub Rakha -Hafeez 

    • Sana Khan

       Hafeez thanks for the feedback, as I said earlier, it was only after this incident that i got to know about Waheeda Shah, otherwise I didn’t have the slightest idea that a woman by this name ever existed in the politics of Pakistan!

  • GhAyal

    asa – mujhay ,,,tau Altaf bhai walah version bahut pasand aya tha “pardah main rahnay du pardha na uthao – pardha jo uth gaya tu bahaid khul jaye ga” Kitna acha gaya tha Altaf bhai nay . Bahut cool tha . acha khuda hafiz Sana khan 

    • dana

      baray bhai aap nay to article ka mahfoom he badal dala.ub dekhiyay na baat ho rehi thi waheeda shah nay kis terah khud ko dhanpnay k liy parday ka sahara lia or aap nay in k parday ko mushabat day di altaf bhai k parday se.jub khe altaf bhai to mahan hansti hein ap nay waheeda shah k sath q mila dia un ko????
      Altaf bhai to jo bhi kurtey hein dankey ki choot pe kurty hein or kurnay k bad gilaf mein/parday mein chup nahin jatey…ye alag baat hai k wo waheeda shah ki tarh khud sey chamat nahin lagatey bulkhe London mein beth kur karachi mein kisi sey chamat lagwatey hein. han altaf bhai ki chamat waheeda shah ki terah hathon sey nahin lagti bulke TT sey lagti hai.waheeda shah k kartoot ki video bhi ban gai altaf bhai to Maha Mahan hein..bohat saron ki supari bunwa dete hein magar video phir bhi nahin banti.
      jio khush raho!!

  • Wasiuddinmalik

    This is big DISGRACE for Pakistan politics and specially for some uneducated politicians and even if they are educated but don’t think and act like educated in their regular life, What a Shame if MNA (Member national assembly) can beat a general public front of Police Officer SHO (Station Head Officer) then just imagine what these politicians does behind the screen, and i’m just thinking How they must be treating their employees and servants :(.
    Politician lady should be banned for life time, and Police officer should be punished as well because employee to protect general public not to just stand and watch these acts.I am very glad some one has taken the step and recorded the video and forwarded to the Media to show the real face of these politicians, big SALAM to that person. and also to the Media.Sorry to say but this is really coming from my heart as you can see now this Lady has released to wear a veil just to save her self from the Media and people so It’s mean veil give protection/respect to the women but poor thing is she wearing viel to keep/maintain her politicians respect, not for religious reason. How said is when people misuse thingsfirst misused the power of Politics then misusing the power of wearing VEIL.who knows what their future intentions are. May ALLAH give us AKAAAL/Knowledge and make us follow the right path (ameen).

  • Moon Khan

    humm gud one :) )

  • dana

    hahahahaha…waheeda shah in women’s wrestling….i wonder what Amir Liaquat Hussein would say abt her being in WWF:)
    moving towards a serious note,all pakistani politicians are bullies,regardless of their gender.this is all due to illiteracy and fake degrees.Anyone who gets power in our country misuses his/her authority and this is the reason our country is deterioting day by day. Mostly people have forgotten to speak up for their own rights and what to say about Justice!. I’m glad you shared your views on this platform.

  • ~ldg


  • Junaid_hydpk

    YA ALLAH hum per reham kar 

  • Ammara

    haha kewl..wel wrote Sana..dis article is a slap on er face..