POLITICS — March 29, 2012 at 12:30 pm

Rage & Ruin


By Ali Tim

The violence and blood shed continues in Karachi.Last three days seemed like life at the Gazza strip in the densely populated areas of the city.Playing the proverbial game of Counter Strike the political parties and their hooligan workers shot and fired at everything that came their way.More than 30 killed and 50 vehicles  were set on fire.Today is a forced strike by ANP and day before it was Muttahida’s call for an all shutters down! Political gains? Personal profits? Just anything?School going kids are at home.Office goers are stranded and millions deprived of their routine chores.All because there is this unseen democracy in Pakistan.Too much of that, may i add.Too much of anything is bad  and before it turns from bad to worse the present government and its allies should come up with an amicable and speedy solution to end the massacre that has literally killed this beautiful city.Hoping for the best here. Adieus


  • Danish

    always at war and also engulfed in a tsunami of violence this city karachi has no hope

  • Ghufran

    With due respect after seeing the violence reports on media about Karachi it is safe to say that life for the Godforsaken city will not return to normal ever again. In the last 6 months more than 700 people have been shot dead in karachi .