MUSIC — April 19, 2012 at 2:19 pm

3 minutes with Adeel Chaudhry!


By Ali Tim

Adeel has come a long way. From Lahore to Karachi, the expected flight time (air bourne) is 1 hr and 40 mins. From Khi airport to where I work is another hour by car. I respect all the  travelling he has done in kilometers and aero nautical miles. Around 2ish, he finally arrives at the Aag Tv office in his blue tattered jeans and  a sky blue shirt looking kinda hip. The pin spike hair on his thatch is gone and coiffure has gone under the scissors of some new stylist. Adeel seems rejuvenated and all smiles. “So you work here?”, he asked. “No, I don’t”. My response made him  quizzical but maintaining a poker face he nodded. We begin to chinwag.

There are major disclosures in a conversation that climaxed in 3.02 mins and after hitting all irrelevant tangents, it concluded on “We shall meet up for dinner or something. I will be in town until Sunday.” I confirm my availability after exchanging some cellular digits. (PS: My other digits are still pending with the finance department). I seriously cannot fathom who will actually pay for the dinner? Finding respectable solution in my credo of work ethics, I reassure him that I will break his music (meaning put it on air) ASAP. “Please spread it as much as you can”, his request has a command.  ”Sure I will”, I reaffirm.

Adeel Chaudry by all means is a brick. He is suave, articulate and a real head turner. His foray in the Bollywood’s silver screen world has not astounded me. I have had the pleasure of putting him on air (i.e breaking his music) in a live show back in 2007. Adeel was  then a struggler trying to make it and merely in a bunch of years has been bestowed upon awards and rewards from MTV and his destiny Kismet Connection. Consistency and hard work are two formulas  to any trade. They can be cheated , fabricated or earned. Adeel has earned them.

“Raat Ruk Ja” is the latest of his offering from a movie that is bound to feature him in a strong role with John Abraham and Sunny Deol. Good luck with that!

I wish Adeel well.  I mean it. I respect people who work hard and make it this side or that side of the border, it doesn’t matter! I am not sure that finance department will give me pot full of bills before the weekend. Adeel, I am sorry but someday we might dine out in Lahore at the food street. My kismet Connection might do it for me. For now,  it will just be Raat Ruk Ja – Aag Exclusive!




  • Ghurya

    He is good 

  • Salma

    Adeel bhai ke ganay bahut achay hotay hain . Main bahut fan hoon Adeel bhai ka .thank you aag tv 

  • Dark side

    Ye woh hee hai na – Part walal gana – kismut konnection 

  • Lima

    I am most happy to read your articles! 

  • Kashif Amin

    Hi and hello – This is a great website – i came in though the face book fan page .I dont know Aag tv .Living USA Virginia i do not get Aag here but must be a lot of fun – i can tell from the website,Thank you