GENERAL — April 30, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Bottled Up !


Feelings that cannot be expressed need to be conveyed .Anger,grief,sorrow and feeling of being desolate,ditched or done. Pent up emotions  or resentment .People need to be heard .Emotions need to be  understood….or we all will live with bottled up feelings. Do you feel me?

  • Ghuriya

    Bottled up emotions ? Yes . I have many .But i can’t let em out. I can’t ! 

  • Sadiq

    Hi- The bottled up emotions is an age old disease . As old as the hills . To make it brief , it leads ,in case of persistence to psychosis and other debilitating mental disorders . Deal with the Bottled up syndrome .Learn to deal with ups and downs in life .