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Nazia – The Angel!


By Ali Tim

“I want to talk to you” said Nazia Hassan, sitting on the dining table of her medium sized living room in KDA Karachi. I looked straight into her face. “This is serious”, she added with a command in her voice. ’94 it was.  I was shy and withdrawn. I wanted to ask her what she meant? Suddenly her poker face changed its contour to an ear to ear. “I like your T shirt. I want it!” and she bursted out laughing. “Oh ok!”, I heaved a sigh of relief. “I shall give you this T shirt next time I meet you and Zoheb”, the  promise was made. I had discovered in a few seconds flat that Nazia was a simpleton. “Hey Tim come with me I want to show you my awards”, she led me to the staircase. I looked at the wall adorned with silver, gold and platinum discs. She explained how and when Zoheb and herself were bestowed upon those awards. I was in another zone mentally. I was thinking about her illness. After mustering up courage I asked her, “So are you feeling better?”. She hastily replied “Yes I am perfectly all right now. Lets go and do music”. Downstairs Zoheb, Aamir Zaki, Candy, Ziyyad and Fakhr e Alam were working on a tune.  Zoheb first played it out of a small keyboard and then switched to a guitar. “It is a Dua. I want all of us to sing this Dua”, Zoheb made it brief. Nazia was busy singing while I was staring at her blankly.

The Dua was done in a jiffy. Plan was to meet again in the studio to record it.
“Good bye Tim” she said at the end of the meeting. “I want your T shirt and I have to talk to you too”, she said in a rather serious tone. After a week the group got together and recorded the Dua. It was Nazia’s last recorded venture. I failed to give her the T Shirt she liked. And her words “I want to talk to you” still rings in my memories and hounds me.

Happy Birthday Nazia. I will get you that T shirt when I come to you and then we will talk. It is a promise!

  • Samiabr

    Happy Birthday Naziaaa! Hope you’re celebrating it well in heavens above!

  • SameerRehman

    happy birthday naziaaaa

  • Hassan_Khan

    wow amazing article ali tim… you got me reading till the end.. im sure nazia hasan must be happy to read this if she were alive.. i loved her and her music.. may she be resting in peace .. happy birthday from hassan khan in toronto!!

  • LaraibYasir

    the legend lives on………..hbd

  • PagalDeewana

    who is she and what happeend to her??????

    • Huma

      u dont know nazia hasan well thats a big shock!!!!!!!!everybody knows nazia n zohaib!!!nazia hasan is the pioneer of pop music in southasia.her first album ‘disco deevane’ was asias best seller album of 1981 that sold over 14 million records not just in asia but also in far off regions like southamerica,southafrica and russia.after that nazia and her brother released four more albums which also became instant hits.the sis-bro duo became youth icons.she introduced pakistani voice at international level.her first song ‘aap jaisa koi’ for an indian film made her a legend in one night and it also got her many awards including the filmfare award for best female playback singer at the age of 15.she got married in 1995 but it was a complete failure.she died of lung cancer and she was only 35.

  • OmarQasim

    why didnt you give her t-shirt?????? lol … nice article.. kudos!

  • ShakirAli

    bahot achi singer theen ye…saalgira Mubarik ho… from shaker

  • FahadKhan

    aag tv blogs are doing great.. all your blogs vrry nice.. this one is specially the best cuz its about nazia and i love her… happy birthday dear

  • Osman Ahmed

     Owsome singer.i love her songs..

  • JMS Zohaib

    happy birthday nazia

  • Nasir Hussain

    Dil ki lagI dil ko dEewana kare.. Mere ilteja hai Khuda se Dua hai do dil juda na kare..

  • Sarmad Ahmad

     legend ♥

  • Ramiz Rizzo

     nice singer i love her

  • Mohd ashal

    she the legend

  • Rubepatel

    the very first pop icon

  • Lynette

    Happy Birthday.

  • Zarah Misbah

    mind-blowing legend

  • Fraz

    Top Klass g

  • Mkaleemansari

    Happy Birthday Nazia
    From Noshad Khan Karachi. Today my birthday also 03/04/2012

  • Azrakelvin

    Ali u made me cry, RIP Nazia

  • Athar Iqbal

    Tim do let her know when you meet her that I loved her so much . RIP

  • Azra Dias

    Ali u made me cry, RIP Nazia, u will be remembered always

  • Husnain Mustafa

     Happy Birthday Nazia Hassan

  • Silva rado

     i always Miss YOU …… You r da 1ne !

  • Kimnani Mukesh

    happy birthday

  • Mohd Ali Jafri

    happy birthday

  • Fairytale

     happy brithday


    Knowing you I know every word of it is beautifully connected to you. Happy Birthday Nazia & Thank you Tim for sharing this post with everyone!