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Windows Phone Bing Translator

By S.Report Microsoft has rolled out a new update for its Windows Phone Bing Translator application, which is available to download for free from the Windows Marketplace. Within the new update Microsoft have added support for offline use, which now enables users to download a language pack, for use when Internet connectivity might be a little unreliable. The Bing Translator […]

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Club 777!

By Ali Tim My ISO certification of being a Hermit crab has expired. The recluse adjective has kicked the bucket and the social hobo status has become clichéd . Rusty tags of oblivion are on my chest and feathers of being a non socialite too have worn out.  To conform wouldn’t be convenient. Old habits die hard. To change wouldn’t […]

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Happy Birthday Aziz Mian

By Timstoy   Aziz Mian was born as Abdul Aziz (Urdu: عبد العزیز) in Delhi, British India. The exclamationMian, which he often used in his qawwalis, became part of his stage name. He began to introduce himself as Aziz Mian Mairthi. The word Mairthi refers to Meerut, a city in northernIndia, from which he migrated to Pakistan in 1947. At the […]

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The Naked….

By Ali Tim The Naked Truth! “Once you are married and have kids. How do you think your children would react to your nude pictures?” asked a middle aged man  from Veena on a late night tv show. “My kids will be very proud of me. They will say that I am a woman who stood up for everything she […]

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Man uses Google Earth to find long-lost mother!

By S.Report Separated from his family at age 5, an Indian man uses the Web tool Google Earth to track down the name of his village — and ultimately reunite with his mother. Sometimes Google Earth can help you find your way home after decades of not knowing where home is. That is what apparently happened for an Indian man […]

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Unwanted Absurdity

As atypical as it may seem, To be tough on the front and weak behind, Giving out strength to those who mean, Despite the depravity deep inside. A teardrop or a cry in pain, Will stay unheard to those who remain, The closest of all yet the farthest away, There’s so much to see with no words to say. The […]

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Beggar in First Class!

By Sam My uncle is a commercial pilot flying international airplanes since eons. He travels from the north pole to the south several times each year and comes across people from diverse religions, casts and creed. Many a times he has interesting experiences to share with us after returning from a flight. But nothing more than the story I’m about to […]

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The Crying Camera!

By Ali Tim Aik  tunha camera Akaila phir raha tha Kisi ne us ko sense diya Kisi ne uss ko lens diya Koi uss ka tripod lay aya Kisi ne cover bhi dilwaya Shutter pe cover bhi churhaya Gutter se us ko bachaya Aik camera tha Akaila phir raha tha Jab baat ayai taseveer kheechne ki Camera zoor se chilya […]

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By Sana K “Badnaam”, officially formed in the year 2009, has brought back to Pakistani music industry Rock and that also with a BANG! Their music reflects the voice of the inner self and it is obvious from their very first video that they aim to free the soul of the corrupt, dishonest and material values of the attractions of […]

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Veena Malik on Movers and Shakers!

By S.Report Indian Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman (L) poses with Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik on the set of the new television show, ‘’Movers and Shakers” in Mumbai on April 8, 2012. Veena Malik was caught in extreme excitement after receiving a call from Movers and Shakers and exclaimed, “I’m very excited!”. Later during the show, Shehkar Suman kept […]

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