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Legs & Co – Hurricane Katrina!

By Ali Tim Oomph laden marketing gimmick -Two very Veet’ish* Bare legs belonging to Katrina Kaif are on Billboards everywhere in Karachi.Both of them in their individual capacity (meaning Katrina and the advertiser ) are wreaking a hurricane Katrina in the metropolis its magnitude is *Pretty High.Dunno how the bearded Ulema of the religious and extremist parties are LOOKING at […]

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100 Soldiers Buried Under An Avalanche!

By S.Report Saturday morning 6:00 AM at the break of dawn broke another news that as many as 100 jawans of the Pakistan Army including a colonel were buried under an avalanche in Skardu’s Siachen Gyari Sector. The Siachen Glacier is located in the eastern Karakoram range of the Himalaya, just east of the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. […]

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IPL – All Ready!

By Timstoy ALREADY IN Cricket over the years has become just more than a game played in the green grounds – It is glamour ,action,celebration,excitement ,money and the works. Indian Premier League has  painted  it all to the hilt  – This time IPL promises to keep you entertained for 8 weeks of high energy bonanza. On the whole, 9 teams are […]

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Trending Youth – 2012!

A collection of youth trends for Summer 2012 App craze of 2012 – DrawSomething Old school leather bottom backpacks Nail art Rope bracelets. Baggu pouches Heart sunglasses Turquoise jewelry Rainbow bright bracelets Boho textiles Skinny ties Bold color nail polish wooden bead bracelets Backpacks Timex Military Watch Calculator watches Vans in neon Beats by Dr. Dre Studio HD Platforms Wayfarers […]

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Why this Bloodshed?!

By Chotu Another wave of terrorism has struck the city of Karachi .This morning  a barricade of SSP Malir  Rao Anwar  en route Cantt area  was attacked .A suicide bomber on a motorcycle struck with the one of its security cars and went off killing four people. Earlier this morning was a tragic shoot out in PIB colony where two […]

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Calling It Quits!

By Dawood Ibrahim Shiraz Uppal the man of mega stardom and mega awards has decided to call it quits.   The melody man played it out to a huge fan following in Pakistan and India for years before calling it a wrap. The man claims to have exited the musical circus to find solace in religion and preaching. He claims […]

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Nazia – The Angel!

By Ali Tim “I want to talk to you” said Nazia Hassan, sitting on the dining table of her medium sized living room in KDA Karachi. I looked straight into her face. “This is serious”, she added with a command in her voice. ’94 it was.  I was shy and withdrawn. I wanted to ask her what she meant? Suddenly […]

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NATO Returns To A Border Near You!

By Uncle Pk Rallies,protests & blood boiling speeches.Hell raisers in the red zones by the extremists parties. Much vendetta  was exhibited against the NATO supply line.Finally the line was drawn and airbase was evacuated.Uncle Sam’s infantries were asked to lay their hats in some other home.Any place on earth but the land of the pure.Drones were De’droned! Unfortunately this phase […]

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Poem by a Cameraman!

Kisi ne na Bataya, Madam nay Bulwaya, Farhan ka naam dulwaya, Waqat pe office aya, Lakin kuch na paya   Cameraman [AAG TV] Sattar Bhai’s parody of Shehzad Roy’s “Waasu”. *Farhan is the coordinator for The Red Team at Aag.

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