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Bilal- I did it for my country!

By Ali Tim I asked him a very simple question, “Do you want me to put your name there?” He  sprayed rose water out of a bottle  on his face sitting in a tiny cubicle and ignored .I repeated my question. He frowned and said, “yes let the whole Pakistan know that I designed it” He gets back to staring […]

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The Entertainer

Like a true entertainer  make sure  to entertain them all .Once done they will exit the door themselves .Start gearing up for the next act.Those who like the show will come back again. Those who don’t will not .Life is a stage and ………… all are entertainers . Undefined and uncategorised . Good , bad and ugly .Veteran or beginners […]

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Your Worldwide Virtual Office Desk Wherever You Are

By Umer Ali Khan These days we all know the state of our beloved Karachi. People are virtually scared to leave home. When outside home, our fears come into play and cloud our perception, somehow stopping us from wanting to leave home for the fear of victimization. Considering these circumstances I recommend the use of Virtual offices.  Let me explain […]

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Mirza Ghalib

Bas Ke Dushwar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan Hona Aadmi Ko Bhi Mayassar Nahi Insaan Hona Giryaa Chahe Hai Kharabi Mere Kashaane Ki Dar-O-Deewar Se Tapke Hai Bayabaan Hona Waye Deewangi-E-Shauq Ke Har Dum Mujh Ko Aap Jana Udhar Aur Aap Hi Hairaan Hona Ishrat-E-Qatal Ke Ahl-E-Tamanna Mat Pooch Eid-E-Nazara Hai Shamsheer Ka Uriyaan Hona Le Gaye Khaak Mai Hum […]

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Robin Gibb Dies

Robin Gibb, the singer who notched up a string of worldwide hits as part of the Bee Gees, died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. He was 62. On 4 March it was announced that Gibb was in remission from cancer On 28 March, Gibb’s publicist announced that he had been hospitalised for intestinal surgery and was recovering and cancelled scheduled appearances […]

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Summer has Ended . Donna is gone !

By Ali Tim The Queen of Disco is gone. Half of  the world right now is on Wiki, Twitter ,Face Book trying to find out how ,when ,where and why ? Writers are copy pasting info about her life on their blogs.Her music is being downloaded and pictures are being scanned  for circulation in the press.  But i ain’t doing […]

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Rihanna debuts on Forbes Celebrity 100 List

Rihanna lands on the Forbes list for the first time thanks to hits including “We Found Love” and “Talk That Talk,” as well as endorsements with the likes of Vita Coco and Nivea. Her fragrance, Reb’l Fleur, adds millions more to her coffers, as does her heavy touring schedule that included over 85 shows in the past 12 months. With […]

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By Ali Tim This was predictable. NATO supply line from Pakistan is being reopened  to facilitate the allied foreign troops to continue   war against the so called terrorism in Afghanistan. The drama created a few months ago with evacuation of forces and closure of an important airbase (used for attacks) is going to start its second season. The die is cast! […]

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Gothica Perry

  Katy Perry, is going through a “Goth” phase these days . Perry, who began her music career as a Christian artist, relayed a story about growing up not being able to listen to secular music.She and her folks belonged to the churches and all what they did was gospel .Grom gospel to goth ,Katty has come a strange long way […]

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Circular Triangular Rectangular Debt

A new wave of protests by the rank and file  has commenced all over Pakistan with burning ,pelting,stoning and setting ablaze government and private properties for the want of electricity , water and gas supply. The lack of basic amenities of life has  enraged a vast majority to take to the streets and vandalize  whatever is coming it’s way.  Arson […]

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