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Bilal- I did it for my country!


By Ali Tim

I asked him a very simple question, “Do you want me to put your name there?” He  sprayed rose water out of a bottle  on his face sitting in a tiny cubicle and ignored .I repeated my question. He frowned and said, “yes let the whole Pakistan know that I designed it” He gets back to staring a computer monitor .His fingers  holding a pen scratched the tablet on the table. This is a signal that I must leave and also leave him to his devices .Computer and internal, both!

Working with Syed Bilal is being on a rocket on some extra nitro boost at times. He is creative , crazy and cool. He talks about religion , scripture, symbols  and human rights. “Saada Haq –Ithay Rakh”  fist to the table, he told me last week. I am not such a Haq Parast  and knowing that I silently walked away. Don’t know what he actually meant?

For the sake of convenience or to stay out of his quizzes I frequently have to walk away!I take a walk………

Bilal aka Billo is a mad scientist of computer graphics. In the last 6 years I have seen him come of age. From excellent to extra ordinary, I mean! Design,art,graphics,typography,logos and Billo are his  tags in case Google is failing  you with his search results .Anything and everything from a  miniscule classified lost and found press ad to the biggest billboard, stage and set design, broadcast design , packaging, web works are his key domains. I am glad that i got to work with Bilal in this life because in my life after death (eternity) I plan a permanent vacation .I think ,Bilal’s over worked team of  a dozen strong will also chill with me. Let’s wait for death then!

Today’s big news from Bilal’s universe of his own “ Ye Cricket team ki Kit mein ne design ki hai”,he told me  showing a picture in the news paper .i am not surprised or impressed at his disclosure.” So you mean that the sports kit Shahid Afridi and Umer Akmal are wearing is designed by you”,I reconfirmed. Yes, he replied. “This is for my country .I did it for my country and I don’t mind if you tell the whole Pakistan that I designed it”

Here I think I am conveying Bilal’s message to the whole world and just not Pakistan “This is for my country. I did it for my country”


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eye-Scha-Waris/692930441 Eye-Scha Waris

    errm seriously???

  • Hadiya

    Who is Bilal?

  • Raheem

    Hi- i also dont know Bilal . bUT THE KIT DESIGN IS REALLY GOOD 

  • Faisal Shah

    Absolutely delighted to read this blog about Bilal. i am from the filed of CG and would love it if Mr Ali Tim could write more about talented individuals .Thankyou 

  • Zeenat

    Bigeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest fan of Ali Tim here .All the way from Toronto Canada!

  • Faiza

    Ali Tim ………the Milestones ?

  • Kumail

    beautifully written article! really witty words there, but so true Ali bhai! He’s one heck of a guy… this bilal!