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By Ali Tim

This was predictable. NATO supply line from Pakistan is being reopened  to facilitate the allied foreign troops to continue   war against the so called terrorism in Afghanistan. The drama created a few months ago with evacuation of forces and closure of an important airbase (used for attacks) is going to start its second season. The die is cast! The head of the state has already been asked by Uncle Sam  to attend a conference in Chicago where more decisions to continue atrocities and brutalities against the Afghans will be taken.PTI’s chairperson Imran Khan has called for a protest on 27th May in the capital city of Islamabad  and word is that PML is also considering an alliance with Khan Saheb  for the cause. NATO’rious it’s going to be and add BIG to it if you like .Uncle Sam ain’t moving out and so far it seems that the current government will not even let Yanks down. JUI will protest  and some other party hooligans will most likely set public and private property ablaze. For a few days there will strikes and rallies but nothing will ever come out to change what has already been decided . NATO’rious it is and NATO’rious it’s going to be until the next elections .


  • Sadiq

    NATO is just not Uncle Sam as Ali Tim has mentioned . It is an alliance of a lot of countries. As long as Talibanization doesn’t end , i fear that NATO will continue and Pakistan will be integral Partner in its attacks.

  • Hadia65

    I can understand the writer’s  point .There is nothing but disappointment amongst the people of our country . We already  have enough to set right here .Why are we a party to some other country’s war? 
    All NATO supplies should be stopped from Pakistan for the sake of humanity and  we should  express solidarity with the neighbouring  Afghans . 
    This is my point of view!
    Khuda Hafiz   

  • Azhar

    NATO is doing what is to be done. Pakistan stopped supply because it want more money . Thy refuse to work on old salary .