GENERAL, SULK HERE, Uncategorized — May 12, 2012 at 12:18 pm

Circular Triangular Rectangular Debt


A new wave of protests by the rank and file  has commenced all over Pakistan with burning ,pelting,stoning and setting ablaze government and private properties for the want of electricity , water and gas supply. The lack of basic amenities of life has  enraged a vast majority to take to the streets and vandalize  whatever is coming it’s way.  Arson ,killings,bomb blasts are fast becoming the order of the day in this so called one of the top ten prospering nation of the world. Circular debt they claim is the root cause of this chaos.The masterminds of finance ,trade and economy are calling the shots from their air-conditioned   rooms that somehow the circular debt should be reduced to make Pakistan an absolute haven .True that Democrats ? Go and reduce the Circular Debt yourselves because you have landed Squarely as a government ,opposition and whatever not.Get your geometric  patterns  (circular,triangular ,rectangular) in place  and give people their due share of Haven and Happiness . Better would be to Design your Resign sooner than later in a circular manner and follow the straight line OUT !



  • Saleem Arein

    Why worry about the haven that we will never see .Debt control will never happen!

  • Suriya

    asa . The rise and fall and we still are all waiting on the new budget . Kya ye mulk ghareen loggon ke leate hai ? nahi tu . Ye sab uch tu ameer loggon ke leaye hota hai