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Summer has Ended . Donna is gone !


By Ali Tim

The Queen of Disco is gone. Half of  the world right now is on Wiki, Twitter ,Face Book trying to find out how ,when ,where and why ? Writers are copy pasting info about her life on their blogs.Her music is being downloaded and pictures are being scanned  for circulation in the press.  But i ain’t doing any of that.As a routine this morning  i logged on to Youtube and shared some of her songs  i grew up listening to. I already know everything about her career for i have been an ardent fan of the disco diva since my primary school days. The Beatles taught me a lot. CCR made me pick up the guitar and grind it .Tina Charles taught me how to create a good melody around a few basic chords and Donna Summers introduced to me the deep sound of kick and bass. The first bass line i ever heard properly and cannot play to this day was “I love to love you baby”By Donna. All my life  i collected all her tapes/cds and it was last weekend i found some of her vintage records. I felt like i had discovered  Zaradari’s hidden treasures from the Swiss banks or maybe something greater than that.With the sad news of her kicking the bucket it’s all gone to my collection  shelf and at the top is Four Seasons Of Love . I’m bigging myself on that ? No ,i am extremely sad and …………

The Spring Affair has ended even before it could begin this year . *Summer is gone ……with her last Dance ……… for love .



  • Salma

    Sad News

  • Ghufran Shah

    I have not heard her music but she must be good like Whitney Houston .

  • Saleem

    Donna Summer died? are you sure? No she didn’t . let me check on the internet 

  • Danish Hawak

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after Whitney this is a big big loss