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The Entertainer


Like a true entertainer  make sure  to entertain them all .Once done they will exit the door themselves .Start gearing up for the next act.Those who like the show will come back again. Those who don’t will not .Life is a stage and …………..you all are entertainers . Undefined and uncategorised . Good , bad and ugly .Veteran or beginners  .As an entertainer you must play your part because the audiences  are queueing up again. Stage is set.They are waiting to be entertained .The curtains are being lifted .Out you go and entertain .


  • Riaz

    i agree with the writer.This world is a stage and we all are entertainers .

  • Fazifroo

    This world is a stage and we are actors 

  • Elya542

    The message cannot be more clear .I understood it in the first go.Who is the writer ?can you please tell me?Thank you