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Your Worldwide Virtual Office Desk Wherever You Are


By Umer Ali Khan

These days we all know the state of our beloved Karachi. People are virtually scared to leave home. When outside home, our fears come into play and cloud our perception, somehow stopping us from wanting to leave home for the fear of victimization. Considering these circumstances I recommend the use of Virtual offices.  Let me explain what is actually the Virtual office? I think most of the people don’t really know about it.


Virtual office is a fairly modern term that employs and enables company’s workers to work independently and use computers that are connected to the Internet to communicate with each other from different places. It relies on the Internet for document exchange; video conferencing for meetings and cell phones thus employees remain keeping in touch. The office’s employees might work at home or may even be located in different cities and countries. It saves on both the time and energy.



It essentially refers to a company that is not based in a defined locale and yet functions as a unit to provide services to customers irrespective of the location.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.


In my opinion remote office has various advantages such as workers can stay at home and yet manage business information with the same computing power they would have had at the office. They become more productive by avoiding the hassle of commuting while more successfully juggling the demands of work and home successfully. As they are no longer being supervised closely by a manager, they are judged on the type of work they produce rather than how they produce it. Single objective is to fulfill the quality of work they produce irrespective of the location.


“Technology has to be invented or adopted”.


While on the other hand Virtual office may have some disadvantages like Internet connections lack the social interactivity of face-to-face contact. Because many nonverbal cues can be missed in emails, phone conversations and videoconferences, messages can easily be misinterpreted. Coordinating meetings may prove difficult especially if workers are scattered across several time zones. Finally, collaborations will lack impulsiveness because they have to be considered accurately to coordinate schedules and time zones. Gestures and expressions that are sometimes very important for good communication between workers, is lacking in a virtual office.


In my experience my work objective is primarily related to the smooth execution of all our group websites such as www.geo.tv  , www.thenews.com.pk , www.aag.tv  , http://urdu.geo.tv/, etc. My home is almost an 1 hour drive from office. If in case of emergency I need to update my website, I have to reach the office after a substantial time lapse. Hence the alternate way is to fully utilize the modern technology of Virtual office. The result is: website is activated without delay because No headache to reach office or drive faster which may prove to be risky. Talking about the management’s objective, that is also achieved..


Despite all the aforementioned shortcomings, in my opinion virtual office is more productive as it employs modern technology such as video conferencing etc by fully utilizing the employee’s skills in efficient manner. Allows the manger to keep in touch with people without having to move from one location to another. So, virtual office wins right?





Umer Ali Khan

Software Engineer

MS(CS & IT) NED University, BS(CS) SSUET JANG Group Of Companies | Geo TV Network

  • Ahmed

    thats very good use of modern technology, will definitely improve productivity

  • Sadiq

    Very well written Umer . But will this computer age take away from the living beings their real physical age . Lives will become shorter infront of the computer screens . People will never ever go back to to doing chores manually . 

  • Ishtiaq Ahsan

    Excellent use of modern techbology

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  • http://www.alldaypa.com/virtual-office Melanie

    This kind of virtual office is surely going to grow over the next 10 or 20 years, I think it will eventually become more popular to work with this set up eventually.