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Lavingne’s New Hair Do Stuns All!

By Sajja-         The 27-year-old Canadian punk rocker has lopped off half her hair for the side-bristle look. She snipped a large portion off the side of her head. Her disheveled blonde strands were tossed sideways over the top of her head to show off her razor-sharp cheek bones. The permanent scowl attached to her face, just […]

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Extra second this June!

By – Saad Khan The world will not only be getting a leap day this year, we will have a leap second too. The world is about to get a well-earned long weekend but don’t make big plans because it will only last an extra second. The arbiters of time at the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERRSS) have […]

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Stupidity Is Certainly Celebrated

By Sniffing Cat-       Being an heiress comes with its perks & hazards. The 31-year old “star” Paris Hilton, lives a life that’s a whirlpool of notorious activities. She’s no way behind in causing a frenzy of flashbulbs and hot news with her piggy back rides hanging on the necks of the poor Paparazzos, late night DUIs, extravagances […]

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Snow White and the Huntsman

By – Saad Khan I must say, when I first heard the news that there was going to be a Snow White live-action film, I had a good laugh. When I heard that Kristen Stewart was going to play Snow White, I had an even bigger laugh. But when I saw the trailer, I stopped laughing. And then I watched […]

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Coke Studio season 5

By – Saad Khan Coke Studio season 5 is back with a bang! Merging traditional Sindhi Sufi poetry with funk music it has been able to successfully create this new genre popular amongst the masses – Sufi Funk. My favorite song until now is ‘Pere Pavandi Saan’ sung by Tahir Mithu which means ‘I will get on my feet’ in […]

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The Azhar Ali Method

By – OUTLAW_TORN Really freaky fast bowling, really fearless shot selection and really fearless off-field hobbies are what had come to be known as the three pillars upon which Pakistan cricket stood as the most exciting and ruthless form of the game for the past two decades. That is until the arrival of Azhar Ali into the team. Having read […]

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The Avengers

By – Saad Khan I’m sorry to say The Avengers isn’t a good movie; it’s a GREAT MOVIE!!!! It’s not only the best team superhero movie ever made, but it may just be the best comic book adaptation made period! The Avengers is the culmination of what began in Iron Man; and continued through The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, […]

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The Downpours in Karachi- Loved Forever!

By- Hasan Masood Jafferi Living in Karachi and getting ourselves baked in scorching sun is the most common practice amongst Karachites during summers. Only before the month of June. Because, yes, the monsoon is around the corner now and besides all the bad conditions the city gets into due to rain, I love the rains in Karachi more than anything […]

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I heart you, Michael

By – Joverea Batool Michael, I Still have that un-released song of yours stuck in my head & still is recorded in my mobile when i woke up so that i can never forget it in my life which you sang with me in that Dream this year, I still remember that moonlight and the place where we walked, the […]

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The Dictator

By – Saad Khan This movie is a complete refreshment for any body who understands the Arabic influenced English. It makes you laugh and laugh out loud. Every dialogue of the movie is worth listening to. The movie starts with humor and ends on a very good and emotional note that makes you think. The movie ends up with a […]

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