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Aag Leaks *Red Zone


 Leak No 1

WORD WAR 2 .Tahir Marvi and Sajjad Haider ( Red Team) with Fadi as a referee(read Kutni) in between @ 2:30 pm

Leak No 2 

Sajjad Haider (Red Team ) expressing himself in WORDS that cannot be published here. Sorry about that ..

Leak No 3 

Kumail Sharif (Red Team ) sparks off the feud by laughing . Tahir Marvi leaves for the bathroom .Sajjad is fighting with himself.ALONE……

Leak No 4

Shakeel ( office helper) is ordering Daal Maash for lunch .Maashrati halaat have worsened. Salary is late again !


  • Kumail

    hahahahaha…. much of what ever happens among the red (team) martians can NOT be published.