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Addi ki Shaadi.. Aag Leaks




After finding out that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards mixed up his cremated father’s ashes with cocaine and snorted them, producer Asad Pathan at Aag  is disliking the Rolling Stones T shirt he is wearing today. GUTKA in any case works better. Right Pathan? :D



Addi (3D artist Red Team) has finally decided to kill the woman inside of him. He has found one to marry him for good and bad(now how good is that?) “Happy to Addi Shaddi” will take place in the land of all mega men ie Hyderabad on 24th June 2012.Leaks wish Mr Addi well …very well..too well ….in his future role as a husband…while no progress is expected in his graphic designing skills in the near, present or gone future.

Wink to the ENTERTAINMENT TEAM here. ;)



Aag Video Portal is busting with well over 300 goodest,badest,oldest,newest Pakistani pop music videos.Aag Leaks secret department called Pandora has been updating it for the last 2 months with due regularity . Do visit videos.aag.tv and sink your teeth, if not head, into them ! :)



The head of department of “Pakkar Dhakkar ke kaam” Mr Fahadee is off to Dubai with lists of purchase items and UAE Durhams popping out  of  his pockets. Most likely Fahadee on return will be carrying “to send to Sheikhs” items list……ahhhhh …sigh ..some guys have all the luck and business acumen .

The rest of the Entrainment Team doesn’t .Wink! ;)

  • fadi

    i love Ag leaks

  • Hamid Shah


  • Saleem arien

    Really funny leaks.Working at aag tv sounds like a lot of fun . and Happy to you addi on your shaadi ..respect

  • Sajja

    Best Wishes Addi :) may Allah bless you both :)