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Bhai Edition – Aag Leaks


Leak 01

Sind Jo Mega Man and a very skilled web designer Arif Qureshi is very secretly studying how to develop  mobile  web versions and applications .He has a mega mind ( besides his mega body) and mega plans for the future.Good thing  Sind Jo Mega man .Leaks hopes and prays that you get the title of World Jo Megaman. Amen

Leak 02

Baqir Rind (editor) is on an editing spree for last one month. He is always GRABBING & COVERTING….now whatever that means ? The saying goes “hard work always pays off”,…..True that! By the 13th of the month it does.Right Baqir?

Leak 03

Shirt obsessed and self obsessed and blah obsessed Raza ( Viz artist)  has now started to post his own pictures with dark shades on .The Face book may not LIKE that as much but some guys have definitely LIKED his new POSINGS ….POSTINGS . Leaks know that no girls have yet Liked or posted any comments on his POSES . Rather sad it is to Leak it but Raza should know that Face Book doesn’t lie !

Leak 04

Shabeeh (Viz Artist) has this eternal love for his hometown Hyderabad. According to him everything in Hyderabad is better than Karachi . So much so that even the Rats smell  nicer in Good Ol’ Hyderabad .

Glad to hear that Raza………go and smell them then ! 

  • Kumail

    the mega the man the mega the ambitions! or so i think. PAY CHECKS ARE OUT? i didnt get any :(

    Mohammad Raza sure is hawwt! he’s sleek in alot of ways. that’s why i have a very special place in my heart for chacha jan. 

    the rats that Raza meant, as far as Hola goes are surely the ones that reside in his caves. dont ask me what that means… please. :P

  • falak

    hi raza