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Coke Studio season 5


By – Saad Khan

Coke Studio season 5 is back with a bang! Merging traditional Sindhi Sufi poetry with funk music it has been able to successfully create this new genre popular amongst the masses – Sufi Funk.

My favorite song until now is ‘Pere Pavandi Saan’ sung by Tahir Mithu which means ‘I will get on my feet’ in Sindhi. Originally this is a piece from a tragic love story called ‘Sassi Punhun’ written by the great Sufi poet Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai. The story is about a faithful wife (Sassi) who is ready to undergo all kinds of troubles that would come her way while seeking her beloved husband (Punhun) who was separated from her by the rivals and she begs Punhun’s brothers saying ‘Pere Pavandi Saan’ ‘I will get on my feet’ (begging) to let him stay a night at their village Bhambore.

I really like the energy, tempo and music of the song. Sufi poetry mixed with western instruments give a new meaning to the song. Rohail Hyatt is has done a really great job with Coke Studio.

Here’s the link to the song, hope you like it:http://www.cokestudio.com.pk/season5/episode2.html?WT.cl=1&WT.mn=Episode%202

  • Mad Sad Man

    This is ‘the’ music…. I am not a Pakistani but a huge fan of Pakistan Coke Studio and accept my appreciations for the quality of music these guys produce…. For me, probably this one is the best…..


    we grew up listening to this melody and ptv days such beautiful era wow when every body was happy in pakistan

  • virgogujjar

    love it!!!

  • jamil jimmy

    ▉▉▉▉▉┈┈┈▕▂▂▂▏coke studio!!!!

  • gol mutol

    If I could “Like” this a hundred times, I would.

  • Sajja

    Beautiful song. Sindhi culture is full of such mesmerizing melodies.