featured, MUSIC — June 26, 2012 at 4:19 pm

I heart you, Michael


By – Joverea Batool

Michael, I Still have that un-released song of yours stuck in my head & still is recorded in my mobile when i woke up so that i can never forget it in my life which you sang with me in that Dream this year, I still remember that moonlight and the place where we walked, the tune fresh in my ears which you sang with me and your face and the words which you said to me in that Dream, and u knew that u are no more.. Today I will again, Pray for your Soul, Read some Quranic Verses for your peace, May Allah give you a Place in Heaven and Forgive all your Sins.. For people it can be a Joke, But I do beleive and know, that i have spirituality. I will always keep praying for ur peace.. Aameen.

  • Sajja

    The King of Pop will always remain in our hearts.