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In Search of Hope..



By Hasan Masood Jafri--


My life is that dark room,

My life can’t ever earn any satisfaction.

‘Tis like that scary bloom,

That to feel ’tis outta question.

What I’ve learn from this dreary boom,

Is to be away from any expectation.

My destiny is like that far doom,

That can’t ever be achieved at any expansion.

I’m sure no one had ever been much deceived as I,

I’m sure no one had ever been so disbelieved as I.

I had a wish to touch the sky,

But I always fall as I try to fly.

I’m the most faithless seed on this brown,

That cannot ever be grown.

I had died many days ago,

But to live now is just like a hangin’ gown.

Why I’m so speechless, why I’m so dumb,

’cause my feelings,  my words have no conclusion.

Now I’ve no wish to fly, no right to live,

’cause my dreams were diminished without any evasion.


This poem is taken from a student’s notebook who committed suicide after failing Medical School’s entry test. Unable to make it to the Med school was not the reason behind this folly but there were certain circumstances that led to this demise. As a child the poet was neglected. He was deprived of the love and care every child deserves to have. His parents were too busy making a living that they did not have time to tend to this innocent soul.

The main purpose of sharing this was to bring to the light the things which need more attention in our lives. It is a message to all the parents. Bringing a child safely into this world and feeding him isn’t enough of parental care. There is more. Every child is a blessing. Children need their parent’s attention and time. Nurtured with love and care they need to be made understood how life is so when unexpected calamities occur, they are prepared to face them. At a young age, parents should show their full support to their children. Listen to them. Know what they dream about and hear the goals they’ve made for themselves. Parents’ time is all children need at their tender ages. They should be encouraged to appear in society like an active participant and should not be held back from what they wish to acquire in their best interest. Unfortunately, in Pakistani society parents are unaware about a lot of things. Mostly in the rural culture children are given birth and left on their own to grow up without much attention paid to them. The need to feel loved and cared is crushed and later in life their behavior is affected by dilemmas from the childhood. Their potential to different talents is diminished. They lose their individuality.

Remember childhood comforts and care give rise to a better grown-up. So think when you have an offspring, make sure you aren’t giving birth to a child who is later going to feel obliged to fulfill the norms of society. Don’t raise a being that would end up feeling useless.

  • Salma Hayat

    That is a sad ending .Most people in younger days when down and out do think that by ending their lives all will be resolved .Nothing ends after ending! The real repercussions of any such tragedy are felt by the close family , friends and others for the rest of their lives .The one gone probably sees and feels it too .

  • Haya Saigol

    Khudkashi haram hai Islma mein .Nahi kerna chahye thi uss ko khudkashi.