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Obaidullah Baig, You will be missed.

By Saj-         Renowned writer, columnist and media expert Obaidullah Baig passed away this Friday morning. The eminent figure who was rewarded “Pride of Performance” left on his journey to meet his eternal fate leaving us with his priceless work and contributions to the nation.  Inspired by Ghalib, Khusro, Iqbal and Faiz he wrote many a thing […]

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Kiss Me Sun

By Jay-         We’ve all embraced the summers with the latest “back-from-the-beach” look. Scrunched ocean-waves, tanned skin, sparkling eyes. Everything’s there yet something’s missing.  “Sun kissed Cheeks” are the key to complete the look. Go bold with warm shades of reddish browns, sorbet oranges, peaches and apricot gold and create an unforgettable blush to illuminate and sculpt […]

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Get Chunky!

By Sajja-         Chunky jewelry is the ultimate hip this summer! Whether it be necklaces,rings, bracelets, anklets or earrings.  Popped out accessories are the latest bling. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with beads, charms and filigrees; layered together or worn alone. Once you have it on it’ll create an image of a headstrong woman, radiating an […]

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Love Pakistan! <3

By Sajja-         Quite often we don’t realize how much the bitterness for our leaders consumes us and we start breeding hatred for our own country. Remember one thing. People will change, governments will change but what will always remain the same is your homeland.  So love Pakistan regardless of whatever government it is, because in the […]

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Shades of Grey

By Sajja-         Of Saints and Satans.. All in the shades of grey..

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Don’t Crash…Don’t Burn

The current wave of violence gripping Pakistan and specially  the Big province Punjab is being talked about by the international media.Political turmoil in PK and agitation,anger and frustration of common man has become a topic of debate for electronic and print media worldwide   People protesting for provision of basic amenities of life such a water , fuel and electricity have taken to the streets […]

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Gola Ganda

By Sajja-         Sweet rainbows dripping down your throat! ^___^ Hot summers, scorching sun.. all would lose its charm without this one colourful snowball..

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Toilet Roll …Aag Leaks

Leak#1 Sohail Siddiqui Head of Software Dept doesn’t have a PC or a Lap top on his table??? He doesn’t need to have one …after all he is the Head!That some of his staff doesn’t have an internet connection is an altogether different story ! Leak#2 Addi (Graphics Red Team) needs a Bed instead of a chair for work. For […]

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Good Bye Mehdi Hassan RIP

The king of Ghazal Medhi Hassan left for his eternal abode . May Allah rest his soul in peace.

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Bhai Edition – Aag Leaks

Leak 01 Sind Jo Mega Man and a very skilled web designer Arif Qureshi is very secretly studying how to develop  mobile  web versions and applications .He has a mega mind ( besides his mega body) and mega plans for the future.Good thing  Sind Jo Mega man .Leaks hopes and prays that you get the title of World Jo Megaman. […]

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