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Pak Cheen Dosti Zindabad


By Ali Tim — Photography by Fahadee

The thickly dread locked musician Emu returns from a successful tour of China .The story of his travel deserves a mention  since he didn’t get me any gifts including Chinese silk , worms or even a free sugar cube  from the land of the Greatest Wall on earth! Emu should GET it because he didn’t GET it!

The grapevine has it that the long journey commenced with a prolonged three hour delay( very NORMAL) with PIA .The pilot must have peddled the metal to fly  fast to the destination located 6 hours away from our motherland via draggy PIA aircrafts. Economy class it was for Emu and his band mates and 6 hours later he got a grand gift sitting in the uncomfortable seat. I can imagine the vertebral column pain….ah . So did he take a potent pain killer with him onboard ?I know that Chinese Baijiu , white spirit can do voodoo for pain but does PIA serve any ?

The insider reveals that Emu and Co played wild to a totally mesmerized crowd,   made in China ,the original Chinese National anthem (in Chinese and not Punjabi).The bulls in the China shop (ie Emu and Co) also invaded bars and clubs and astounded the soused Chinese with their PLAYING” skills.i am cocksure about that!

The tour was happy and full of squeals of delight .Next stop promised by China is Beijing after a few months . Excellent,i must say!

Since Emu played well ,his return was upgraded to business class. Maybe the rest of the band ie Co didn’t and hence the Economy seats became their fate. Our overall Economy is regressing so fast ,why just complain about the mother airline’s aircarft seats? I will refrain next time,promise!

Ah…. fate upgraded , music made ,China serenaded  ……… i am happy that some guys are making PK proud .

Good thing. Bring me some Chinese silk next time.Even if you don’t i will still sing ……

Pak Cheen Doosti Zindabad !



  • Faiqa43

    Pak Cheen Doosti Zindabad !

  • Salman Shahid

    Here is another funny one Ali Tim .For sure a very entertaining blog .

  • Haroon(Singer)

    Hello all 
    I don’t understand if this is a blog ?There is sarcasm in it? Is it funny ? what is it ?

  • Rasheed Zameer

    Dear Haroon 
    This is a blog . If you don’t know then update your self . Emu is a celebrity musician of Pakistan and Ali Tim is a celebrity writer and an ex musician . Is this information helpful .
    if you want more information please write back here on this site .
    Rasheed from UK 

  • Hadiya

    Lols lols lols 

  • Sumaira Mughal

    Friends  whatever you may say but i love the sarcasm her . It sure is a blog and a very funny one too . I like the way PIA has been kicked right where it should be for its bad service and air crafts .
    Good bye