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Stupidity Is Certainly Celebrated


By Sniffing Cat-




Being an heiress comes with its perks & hazards. The 31-year old “star” Paris Hilton, lives a life that’s a whirlpool of notorious activities. She’s no way behind in causing a frenzy of flashbulbs and hot news with her piggy back rides hanging on the necks of the poor Paparazzos, late night DUIs, extravagances squandered out of Daddy Hitlon’s pocket, her apocalyptic DJ-ing, shaky friendships and What Not! Call her an ALLROUNDER!

The Philanth-porn-ist:

In June 2004, Paris’ ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon released a wildly popular DVD of the couple that can be described as nothing but pornographic. The spoiled heiress was mortified so she sued and won, donating her profits to charity. That wins her some point in philanthropy.

Broken Promises:

Engaged to Tommy Hilfiger model Jason Shaw in 2002.

Engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis in 2005 but called it quits.

Paris was linked to Stavros Niarchos, 20, who used to date Mary-Kate Olsen, but they also parted ways.

There ought to be plenty others in the pipeline!


 Published Author:

In 2004, Paris wrote a book entitled Confessions of an Heiress where she basically gave her readers tips on how to be more like her. While many mocked the effort, she got the last laugh when her book landed on the The New York Times bestseller list.

 Unlisted Numbers:

In February 2005, the information in Paris’ Sidekick was accidentally leaked to the public. The contents included notes, phone numbers, reminders, and even digital photos. Phone numbers of celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, and Eminem made their way onto the internet. Needless to say, her friends in Hollywood did not find it amusing.



Princess’s Diaries:

Schmidt claims that there are 18 diaries filled to the brim with Paris’s sordid secrets as well as photos of her at “wild parties.” Sounds like the kind of things we’ve been seeing for years on the covers of all the tabloid papers. Hilton’s lawyers are threatening legal action against anyone found in possession of the items.


And not in a favorable, ‘she’s so good she’s gonna end the world’ kind of way!

  • Harisa

    She is pretty!

  • Danish

    lol ,more than pretty she is an idiot !

  • Faiqa Haroon

    People think that Paris Hilton is dumb but she is most definitely the most clever woman in the Hollywood .

  • Jamil

    I really like her .