featured, GENERAL — June 27, 2012 at 12:16 pm

The Downpours in Karachi- Loved Forever!


By- Hasan Masood Jafferi

Living in Karachi and getting ourselves baked in scorching sun is the most common practice amongst Karachites during summers. Only before the month of June. Because, yes, the monsoon is around the corner now and besides all the bad conditions the city gets into due to rain, I love the rains in Karachi more than anything else. The city comes out as new and polished as a metal comes out after being scrubbed and washed in the golden water. The invigorating sites of Karachi look more beautiful than ever during rain. It is also said to be the most romantic season of Karachi to which I undoubtedly  agree.  All the scrumptious desi cuisines that we get to enjoy during rain the further add up to the season. The yummy aalo kay parathey,  Pakoday,  samosey and the list goes on and on and on. The beach becomes the rendezvous spot during rains. The rain, the beach and the bhuttays. The ultimate trio, freshens you up to the cusps of your senses. Despite the fact that it hasn’t started pouring as yet; though it’s late June, the K-town people are all energetic about the upcoming monsoon rains. We are going to splash this summer like we always do, because THAT’S HOW WE ROLL!

  • Sulema

    The blog is mouth watering .lol. Think of all the water in the drainage and sewerage after rains it in karachi could be a complete downer however enjoy if it does pour !

  • Rahid

    No way to rains in Karachi. Drizzle Kizllz! If it rains it is not a blessing. Think of all the epidemics that break out with just a few drops. No Rain !

  • Tahir Yahya

    Hey there . This blog is so droolacious .I love sunshine and i live monsoon rains.