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Toilet Roll …Aag Leaks



Sohail Siddiqui Head of Software Dept doesn’t have a PC or a Lap top on his table??? He doesn’t need to have one …after all he is the Head!That some of his staff doesn’t have an internet connection is an altogether different story !


Addi (Graphics Red Team) needs a Bed instead of a chair for work. For last few years he has been using his chair as a bed in front of the computer monitor  at work.May be now he should bring pillows from home and lie down and take a rest ……..rest of it will happen automatically ….wink:)


Farhan Ullah (Officer something Red Team) is always armed with a Tiolet Roll , before after and during eating .It’s good  to stay prepared Farhan because it can Happen Any Time. For Security Reasons and to prevent  sewage seepage from head he keeps his skull wrapped in a toilet roll 24/7 .Good thing .Prevention is always better than cure :)


Sajjad Haider (Red Team) and Shakil (Office Helper) always eat as if there will be no tomorrow. CORRECTION ….as if there will be no Today .CORRECTION …as if there will be no NOW …..CORRECTION as if there will never be NEVER again ..Ahhhhhhhhhhh Sighs ……….


Oily , greasy , and cholesterol fun filled “Heart Attack” lunch eaten in Aag Kitchen  in one day can be used to  lubricate 500 car engines , 300 motorcycles and 175 Rickshaws (Source Pk Meteorological Department of Cardiac arrests )


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    very funny