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The Rising Star- Shariq Sidz

By Sajja Shah-         An emerging star, extremely talented and full of energy singer,  Shariq Sidz, a gifted singer from Chicago, Illinois was interviewed by Aag TV at the channel’s office in Karachi.  Born in Pakistan, Sidz is in his early twenties aspiring to bring out the local talent and give opportunities to up and coming singers […]

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World Hepatitis Day – 2012

  By – Saad Khan Every year on the 28th of July ‘World Hepatitis Day’ is observed, which aims to spread global awareness of Hepatitis B and C and encourage its prevention, diagnosis and treatement. Every year the campaign has a different theme and message. This year’s theme is “This is hepatitis… It’s closer than you think” along with the campaign message “Hepatitis […]

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Today’s 5 Minute Management Course

By -Sajja Shah     Lesson 1: A sales rep, an administration clerk, and the manager are walking to lunch when they find an antique oil lamp. They rub it and a Genie comes out. The Genie says, ‘I’ll give each of you just one wish.’ ‘Me first! Me first!’ says the admin clerk. ‘I want to be in the […]

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The Thincredible Temptation

The Future: Computers that See, Hear and Feel By-Umer Ali Khan Few days ago, as a representative of Jang Group, I attended a workshop powered by Intel Corporation. The workshop was based upon the upcoming product of Intel family named Ultrabook. I have learned so many innovative and new things about the product in the workshop. The product has great […]

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The Cost of Being Batman!

By – Saad Khan As a child did you ever dream of becoming Batman one day and fighting crime? Did you dream of wearing that butt kicking black suit, riding a bat mobile blowing up bad guys? If yes, all this can come true only for a mere amount of $682 million only! The info-graphic below has been determined by the financial price […]

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Ten things to do this Ramadan!

By : Saad Khan         1. Talk to God: instead of texting our friends for at least 6 hours a day, let’s talk to God for 10 minutes a day. It could be in the form of praying or just plain and simple talk, try it you’ll feel relieved. In the end, there’s no better listener and word […]

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Sad News for The Oogly Eyes! :(

By Sniffing Cat-       A misleading Pakistani television channel has after all decided to cancel a special show prepared for the holy month of Ramadan featuring controversial actor and model “The Veena Malik” following a public outcry. Promos for Malik’s new TV show, which featured her trying to look her religious best, swept viral on the social media. […]

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Heart Attack Recipes

 By Ali Tim Fasting is always Good but for a vast majority during Ramadan, feasting is …… Samosay Count every Samosa that you eat after the age of 30 as a Potential Mini Heart Attack. Carry your Blood Pressure Pills in your pocket if you are eating 3 samasos back to back. Yes, the dose of 3 can be that Happening! […]

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What Comes First..??

By Sajja Shah-         Priorities, each one has its …                   Think?????   Time to scrutinize your own pyramid of priorities!!! 

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By- Samia BR         A man of sorts, he walks with pride. Out of home with his head up high, Appreciation and applause at every end, Working hard without a single sigh. See through his heart, And find a mysterious beauty, A charm incomparable, Far from fallacy. Pure in thoughts, And straight in his words, Kindness in his […]

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