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By- Samia BR





A man of sorts, he walks with pride.
Out of home with his head up high,
Appreciation and applause at every end,
Working hard without a single sigh.

See through his heart,
And find a mysterious beauty,
A charm incomparable,
Far from fallacy.

Pure in thoughts,
And straight in his words,
Kindness in his tone,
He is one in herds.

Walks back to his own once in a while,
With hopes and dreams to be understood,
Bludgeoning awaits, that pierces him,
Uncared for he is, in his own hood.

Asleep with pain,
Wakes up in vain,
Back in the bandwagon,
From his blood he’ll refrain.

Far away she sees and watches,
Observes every step of this innocent lad,
Smiles at him but stays away,
For she fears to lose the little they had.

Pure from evil, he passes through days,
Gives his best for whatever may,
He sees the world with a mysterious gaze,
His perception so unique will forever stay.

Blessed he is, far more than many,
Loved he is, for his purity,
Cherished he is, for his innocent soul,
HIS atrocities in life remained untold.