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Incredible Innovations

This piece here  bears pictures and references used from different websites including .  Energy conservation, green world, and pure air are just to name a few issues being faced by the world .Help make this Globe breath and live longer by putting some extra effort and time into it.Every bit contributed counts   Think Global Economy    Work Towards a Greener Earth  […]

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RIP Kaka, you’ll be missed!

By – Saad Khan The Superstar of Indian cinema, Rajesh Khanna has passed away. Survived by ex-wife Dimple Kapadia and daughters Twinkle Khanna and Rinki Khanna he was also the father-in-law of the Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar. Superstar Rajesh Khanna had been struggling with heart and kidney problems from some time. Popularly known as ‘Kaka’ and “RK’ in Bollywood, few […]

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By Sajja Shah-         People born before 1946 were called The Silent generation People born between 1946 and 1964 are called The Baby Boomers People born between 1965 and 1979 are called Generation X And people born between 1980 and 2010 are called Generation Y Why do we call the last group Generation Y? Y should I […]

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Interview with Misbah

By – PARANOID_REBORN The reverse doosra team caught up with Misbah ul Haq at the start of the Pakistan-England ODI series. This is what Misbah had to say: Paranoid Reborn (“P”): Good morning Misbah.  How are you doing? Misbah ul Haq (“M”): Good Morning.  I am doing really really well.  Especially, the way the sun has just come out today has made […]

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By – Saad Khan “900 Choohay kha k Billi Hajj ko chali” Looks like Hero Tv is up for grabs for the highest Ramadan ratings this year! Veena Malik, the controversy queen has joined forces with Hero Tv to seek redemption in the Holy month of Ramadan. Yes that’s right! She’ll be appearing in a show called ‘Astaghfaar’ (Arabic for […]

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Annie Ki Aye Gi Baraat

Annie Ki Aye Gi Baraat ? But that has actually already happened! The self proclaimed Princess tied the nuptial knot to a Dubiya ie a Dxb based businessman in a silent  family gathering in Lahore yesterday. The red carpet , trumpets , confetti , biryani and Quorme are all due after Ramadan.Sources close to the the Mahiya Girl claim that […]

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The Not-So Amazing Spider-Man!

By – Saad Khan It has been 48 hrs (app.) since i have seen the movie and i am still desperately trying to understand what was running in the mind of the director while making the movie? The movie was too complicated for children and was strange for a Marvel fan like me. Despite of Emma stone and Sally field […]

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O’Lord RIP

He co wrote Smoke over water .He played with Deep Purple and he kicked the bucket.  Jon Lord passed away to another smoky sky July 16th 2012,at the London clinic, from a health complication as a result of his fight with pancreatic cancer. He was 71. Jon co-founded Deep Purple in 1968 and was widely known for a style of […]

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Hit 50 Stones

The Rolling Stones recently celebrated 50 years of its togetherness. Back in 1962 Mick Jagger,Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Ian Stewart and Dick Taylor performed on rented instruments playing old school rhythm and blues music at the Marquee Jazz Club.Since then the LSD high band has been tripping rock and roll and getting HIGHER!   Mick Jagger has slept with 4,000 women over the course of his […]

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4-D: The New Cinematographic Storm

By – Saad Khan Imagine you’re at the movies. An explosion goes off in the opening scene and your chair shakes with the intensity of the bang. A few minutes later, the protagonist finds himself in the middle of a tornado, and you feel the full force of the wind in your face. As he desperately seeks shelter, your popcorn […]

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