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Sad News for The Oogly Eyes! :(


By Sniffing Cat-




A misleading Pakistani television channel has after all decided to cancel a special show prepared for the holy month of Ramadan featuring controversial actor and model “The Veena Malik” following a public outcry.

Promos for Malik’s new TV show, which featured her trying to look her religious best, swept viral on the social media. The trailers of the show, in which Malik was seen repenting for her sins, with one BIG FAT teardrop rolling down her cheek apparently sparked an outcry across the country.

The show was to be aired on a local channel that claimed to “Show All”; DIKHA DAY SUB KUCH, a part of a media group. The decision to drop the show was taken right when the critiques had rolled up their sleeves to get more lethal.

“TV is for the awaam. If the awaam does not want to see Veena Malik on this Ramadan show, then we will cancel it,” said a member of the production team, adding that they respect the wishes of the populace.

Sniffing cat wonders what segment of the population does NOT want to see the new drama trolling up in town??? Since everyone is looking way too forward to “repent their sins” with Channo.

The “not-so-masala-seeking” people expressed their annoyances and protested via  blogs, news reports, comments and social networking websites. They were of the opinion that the controversial queen was completely misfit for such a programme.

Question remains to show or not to show in Ramadan! Ab dikhaa kyun nai rahay sub kuch?


  • Behroz

    lKhuda ki laanat ho aisay media aur Hero Tv pay jo ka Musalmanoon ke jazbaat ko majroo kerna chahat ho . Bilkul bhi nahi Veena Malick ko kisi bhi Islami programme mein shirkit ki ijazaat daina dursat ho ga . Yeh Islam ke Khilaf hai !

  • Kaiser Kamaml

    Hero Tv what happened . You promised Dikha Day Sab Kuch . Ab Veena Malick ka show kyoun nahi dikha rhay ?

  • Ghurka Hisehmerya

    The show would have been a refreshing change . I was so looking forward to it . But then i am not a muslim .Kindly air it for the minorities .
    Ghurka Hisehmerya

  • Fareha

    I am at peace to know that finally this show is not going on air.

  • Aftab Ahmed Awan

    It is a very serious attempt to make fun of Islamic rituals and to de grade their value. We should severely criticize and condemn the channel which was hiring this lady for a religious program knwoing very well the reality. I have nothing against her as she has all the rights to do whatever she wants. It is her life and we should not interfere with it. But I have issues with the choice made by channel. Could they not get a single men or women scholar to talk about serious Islamic rituals. This is the worst media gimmick I have seen in my whole life.

  • Raja

    then public also dnt want to see dr amir liaquat as alim,then why geo advertise amir liaquat with explanation main wapis q aya.kia ya khula tazad nahe.