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The Cost of Being Batman!


By – Saad Khan

As a child did you ever dream of becoming Batman one day and fighting crime? Did you dream of wearing that butt kicking black suit, riding a bat mobile blowing up bad guys? If yes, all this can come true only for a mere amount of $682 million only!

The info-graphic below has been determined by the financial price comparison site MoneySupermarket.com. In order to become Batman in reality you will need to become a millionaire before you are too old to fight the evil villains of Gotham city or born extremely rich with billions of dollars left behind in inheritance like Mr. Wayne.

The costs include everything from the Bat suit, Bat mobiles, gadgets, training costs, Alfred’s pay to the Mansions and bat cave re-building cost.


Feel like your childhood dream is slipping away? Hey! Its still not too late, you can get a job in the Police and feel important. And maybe make a few millions…

  • Faizan

    oh no there does my dream!