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The Rising Star- Shariq Sidz


By Sajja Shah-





An emerging star, extremely talented and full of energy singer,  Shariq Sidz, a gifted singer from Chicago, Illinois was interviewed by Aag TV at the channel’s office in Karachi.  Born in Pakistan, Sidz is in his early twenties aspiring to bring out the local talent and give opportunities to up and coming singers so that they can showcase their music all over the world. He intends to release his debut album ‘Taj’ in Pakistan by the end of the year. Sidz has already swept the masses by storm with his debut single hit “Dil Toota” ; released in early July 2012.

Upon a candid conversation with Sidz, team Aag came across the interesting perks of the rockstar’s life.

Seemed like music and melodies ran in the family only since Shariq started singing as a child and had his family’s support throughout his life.  His uniqueness is the result of a childhood of great musical influence. Being surrounded by different forms of music his father would sing to him as a young child and exposed him to a wealth of music that helped him achieve the quality that is evident in his work. Nevertheless he also started playing the piano which helped him learn music and put it in black and white. He graduated in Music Composition from Columbia College and then was traditionally trained by Ustaad Mumtaz Ali Khan. He is now the President of his entertainment company Rockistan Entertainment.

Shariq’s mother is his creed of determination and patience. With his family to encourage him, Shariq realized that composing music was his life-time passion. He began to project his talent at various venues in his hometown of Chicago, playing at numerous shows and made a name for himself, especially in the Pakistani community abroad. He has also performed in Wisconsin, California and many other American States sharing stage with entities like RDB, Rahim Shah, KamiJee and North American Tour team.


Shariq Sidz doesn’t do a lot of brainstorming to make songs. Unlike conventional artists, songs just pour into his imagination. It’s either spontaneous occurrence of the melody or the essence of the moment which he later sits and records with his lyricist Nafees, who is also Shariq’s cousin. He just makes the hook and the song is made in joint collaboration with Nafees (telling this Sidz sung a beautiful song which, to our surprise he’d apparently made there and then).  His music is a fusion of American and Pakistani rock albeit he incorporates multiple kinds of genre in his music. His upbringing in Pakistan plays a vital role for the cultural blend in his compositions. Not only did he strike the Pakistani audience spell bounded but he also left the Indians awestruck with his air. In the flow of conversation Sidz mentions that he would not stick to a specific genre or nature of lyrics. His music is not targeted to a specific segment of audience but it is for everyone. He says that every person has his own way to relate to different types of music.

The best part is when people can relate to your music.”

What binds us all together is humanity and kindness. He believes in all kinds of religion as all preach love and humanity.

“Everyone has the same kind of belief”, he says.


He’s an optimistic person who sees the brighter side of things. He believes that everything happens in accordance to the Lord’s will that’s in the best interest of all. He’s eternally thankful for the blessings of musical talent and success bestowed upon him.

“No man in this world is capable of making music without the ilhaam that comes from the divinity. I am thankful to my Allah for His gift. Everything comes to you from God and then it is also how you think about things. You think sad, you’ll make sad music. You think happy, you’ll make happy music!”

Debut single “Dil Toota” came into its original form in collaboration with Audeo Concepts and with the help and support of KamiJee whom he met two years ago. KamiJee is the one who helped Sidz build a platform for his music. The video was shot in Chicago in the span of six months. It was directed by KamiJee and the storyboard was by Shariq Sidz himself. The song was released in Karachi, Pakistan.  He released his music in Pakistan because he wants to expose the talent in Pakistan to musical innovation and pass on his music education. He seeks to bring a positive change in the structure of the Pakistani music industry and acquire worldwide recognition for his country. He has team of dedicated operatives that include his manager Sadia K and Photographer cum DJ Fardeen Arif other than producer Kamijee and lyricist Nafees.

Sidz’s musical inspirations include Son Nigam, Atif Aslam, Lata Mangeshkar, Muahmmed Rafi, Marc Anthony, Adele, Enrique Iglesias, KamiJee, Junoon, Junaid Jamshed, Michael Jackson, U2 and many more great artists of time.

The album Taj is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The name of the album was inspired by a man who was dying with cancer whose name was Taj. Shariq Sidz supports humanity and cancer patients a lot.  In the patient’s last stage Sidz went to visit him at the hospital and told him he had made a song in his name which he made him listen to, a few day later the guy expired and that is how the album acquired its name.

The album is versatile and has about 10 to 12 songs that include Aisa Kyun Hua Hai, Pardesiya and Koi Na Jaanay, that are to be released prior to the launch of the album. Sidz’s team is currently working on the video of “Aisa Kyun Hua Hai”. The album will be launched with the release of ‘Koi Na Jaanay’ which is Shariq’s most favorite. The song is about a guy who died. It was the first song Shariq Sidz made. The song popped up in his head while he was driving around the neighborhood of  downtown Chicago. The album consists of all kinds of music be it pop, rock etc. It will be hopefully released by January or February 2013.

Here is the link to Shariq Sidz’s Official Website, Youtube Channel and Facebook Fan Page.




With a good start Shariq is out there representing Pakistan in the global music industry making us all very proud with his work.

Team Aag wishes you broader vistas of success.

Good Luck!



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