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The Thincredible Temptation


The Future: Computers that See, Hear and Feel

By-Umer Ali Khan

Few days ago, as a representative of Jang Group, I attended a workshop powered by Intel Corporation. The workshop was based upon the upcoming product of Intel family named Ultrabook. I have learned so many innovative and new things about the product in the workshop. The product has great features such as: Thin deigns, Intel Family Processor, Extended battery life, Responsive nature, Fast I/O and Security Enabled System etc.


Nowadays, almost everyone is connected to perform their work and also they can be easily accessible by a single click. Therefore any urgent tasks, performing online banking transactions, sending important emails, and checking flights information. Whatever the case is, we mainly need our computer running fast. Mostly while we are starting the system we push the button and the little tone of music goes off and next thing is boom, nothing happens. We wait and wait until the system is boot up than we still have to wait while all the files are ready to load.


Computers can take what seems like everlasting to boot up. Why? When a computer boots up, it goes through a series of tests before it searches for and loads the operating system. Most computers don’t have the power or speed to do this efficiently. However, the new Ultrabook™ can handle a boot-up with ease. Due to my professional needs, I like the product because of its modern features.


I recommend Ultrabook; I could have so many advantages if using this advance technology. Even you can get to your desktop in seconds on the Ultrabook because it has a flash memory Intel Solid-State Drive (SSD) paired with Intel’s Rapid Start technology. Usually with traditional computers it takes a minute or longer. Those extra minutes can really seem like forever, which makes for a less than optimal experience for you.


Unlike more traditional drives, the SSD has no moving parts to slow down its performance. This design results in a quieter, cooler, more rugged drive that offers up to 66% faster system responsiveness than traditional hard disk drives. My objective is to provide the services where all our group websites such as www.geo.tv <http://www.geo.tv/> , www.thenews.com.pk<http://www.thenews.com.pk/> , www.aag.tv <http://www.aag.tv/> , etc execute smoothly from everywhere and whenever found any problem I have to resolve as earliest from wherever I am, irrespective of the location, irrespective of the electricity crises here in Pakistan. So In that case I need a machine where I can use when I am outside the home, so in my case I really like the Ultrabook features which will definitely improve and perform better execution of my work.

Key Features of Ultrabook are as follows:

·         Extended battery life
As you know meetings, demonstrations etc all are very important these days for promoting the businesses. If the battery is not sufficient enough to complete the task then in fact it is a very important aspect as we have seen in Ultrabook devices must offer at least 5 hours battery time or more.

·         Thin designs
The size and weight which you are carrying is matter a lot for IT professionals. Size and weight is also important for travelling from one place to another. Ultrabook devices must be 18 mm or less in thickness for system with displays less than 14 inches and 21 mm or less for systems with displays 14 inches or more.

·         Processor
Using Intel family core processor for Ultrabook

·         Responsive
This responsive capability gives your device the power to resume in a flash when you’re ready, and low power consumption when on standby. So you’ll save time and get longer battery life.

·         Fast I/O
Ultrabooks based on 3rd generation Core must have either USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt technology to enable incredibly fast transfer capabilities.

·         Security enabled
Intel® Rapid Start Technology returns your Ultrabook to full operational power within seconds, so you can jump right back into everything you were doing. It is powered by 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors is more responsive and offers enhanced security in a choice of designs.


For now, in my opinion, Ultrabook is going to give a tough time to other products as it seems to have a bright future ahead due to the advanced features, mentioned above, exclusively available in it. Ultrabook systems are available now or will be for purchase within next few days, with more than 110 designs expected in the next year. Powered by 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors <http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/processors/core/core-processor-family.html>  and prepared with the world’s most superior 22nm 3-D tri-gate transistors, these new Ultrabook devices are more responsive and offer enhanced security in a selection of stylish designs for consumers and business users. In the end I would conclude the future of Ultrabook: Computers that See, Hear and Feel.

If Still you are eager to learn more then I will rejoice to let you know. For feedback without hesitation write to me at:[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

Umer Ali Khan
Software Engineer
MS(CS & IT) NED University Of Engineering and Technology, BS(CS)
JANG Group Of Companies | Geo TV Network


  • Maha

    Excellent article, me also want to get this one as earliest

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    Gud blog!

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    Nice blog Umer! Please keep posting technology blogs. thanks

  • Sara Iqbal

    Sorry but i disagree with u. I have used this laptop and it is not good. It over heats quite often and crashes. Macbook is the best for all type of people.

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    What is the price Umer bahi?

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    wow.. This is a cool lappy.. i need to get one too..

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    hey, i am maha from karachi. I need to buy a good laptop which is low priced.. can you please recommend me any good laptop?