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World Hepatitis Day – 2012


  By – Saad Khan

Every year on the 28th of July ‘World Hepatitis Day’ is observed, which aims to spread global awareness of Hepatitis B and C and encourage its prevention, diagnosis and treatement. Every year the campaign has a different theme and message. This year’s theme is “This is hepatitis… It’s closer than you think” along with the campaign message “Hepatitis does not discriminate against age, race or gender. It can affect anyone, anwhere. Know it. Confront it. Get tested.” 

Approximately 500 million people worldwide are living with either hepatitis B or hepatitis C. In Pakistan there are 14.4 million people suffering from hepatitis. If left untreated and unmanaged, hepatitis B or C can lead to advanced liver scarring and other complications, including liver cancer or liver failure.

Visit the WHO website for more information about World Hepatitis Day as well as hepatitis fact sheets and resources.



  • Rahim

    This a great awareness blog for readers . Thank you Blogbuster !

  • Atif

    Prevention is better than cure

  • Susan Somers

    I greatly appreciate this posting especially President Obama’s statement that included reference to those “abroad”. I just returned from a trip to Nepal where I was privileged to help develop protections for older persons, and while there I became acutely aware of the constant and deadly threat of hepatitis. Several of my colleagues whose family members, my age and younger (62) died from Hepatitis, for almost no reason. We must share our research and medical treatments with all nations, and I hope his words are not hollow.

  • Zaheer

    Nice and informative